👑 Yato the Delivery God👑

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👑My Character Analysis 👑

Name: Yato
Alt. Name: Yaboku
Age: unknown
Race: God
Height: 172 cm (5'8")
Eyes: Blue
Hair color: dark purple

Occupation: God of Calamity
God of Depravity
God of War
God of Fortune

Apperance: Yato wears a navy tracksuit that has a small golden crown on the right side, he also has a scarf around his neck and he wears a pair of boots.

I rate him 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars btw 😉


Wait!!!! So before i start my character analysis, i just wanna say that .....

💕Yato is my bae 😍💕

So before, i never really paid attenttion to Noragami because i thought it would be boring.

I didnt have any intention to watch it so I only googled the images of the characters and checked them out.

The first pic that caught my attention is this one character with blue mysterious eyes. (it was crush at first sight)💘💘💘

I stared at the pic and realized that i just got captivated by the mysteriousness of the character, and that character was Yato.

So i watched the 1st episode. And my first impression of him is that hes a good looking protagonists but other than that hes also an idiotic, funny, childish and an easy go lucky character, thats why i think that he has a very refreshing personality. XD

👑Yato's other characteristics:👑

Idiot (check)

gambler (check)
Penyless (check)

homeless (check)
hopeless (check)

(dont worry Yato, you may be stupid but i still love you 😏)


At first, Yato's main goal was to become a popular God. He even dreams about being getting all popular all the time XD.

His job is to help people who are in need or make their wishes come true, but of course its not free. Cuz every wish costs 5 yen.
Most of the times he would leave his number anywhere and everywhere--- like in the bathroom, walls or on the train (isnt that vandalism yato? XD). Though at times he would also slay phantoms with his shiki, Yukine.

Yato found Yukine when he and Hiyori where running away from an Ayakashi, Yato notices Yukines spirit and then makes him his own weapon or Sekki.


Yato appears to be very materialistic with money, and most of the times he would spend it for drinking, gambling and buying any goodluck charms or he would spend it over useless things.

Though, Yato is very caring and humble towards the people he cares about. In fact, he does show a great loyalty towards those he loves and cares for.

Thats why there was a time when Yato saved money just make Hiyori happy by going to Capypaland, and that made Yukine proud of him because Yato was making an effort to make someone happy.

And i think hes also a stalker of Hiyori 😂 . I can say that he is a stalker of her because he knows everything about her, from her bra sizes and the magazines that Hiyori hides under her bed XD.

It is shown in season two that Yato would always follow her because he is afraid that she might forget him.

Yayo first met Hiyori when he was doing a job, he notices that cat on the street and hurrily rushes to but he got pushed out of the way of a truck by Hiyori. And that was their first meeting. 💘💘💘


Despite Yato's funny and idiotic side, he can also be a wise and serious character, and there are times when he would appear be mysterious.

His eyes would appear to be emotionless and turn into slittted-like-cats eyes whenever he feels a strong emotion. In the past, it was showed that he can be ruthless and merciless, killing every people around him, he was called the GOD OF DEPRAVITY.

In the manga, it was later revealed that Yato is a God of Depravity, meaning that Yato only knows how to steal and not to give and those people around him would be in danger and suffer.

And based on my observation, i think he also has a Yandere side. Especially when someone hurts Hiyori. In season 2 Yato had a fight with Bishamon, thinking that Bisha was the one who kidnapped Hiyori, he nearly kills her until hiyori comes and says that shes alright.

Yato's greatest wish as of what is shown in the manga is simply to be with Hiyori, Yukine and also to the ones he loves and to make them happy.
Even though there will be challenges along their way, Yato would always be there for them. Thats the reason why i love this character so much.


I think that Yandere side of him is cool and hot tho 😏😍

Overall Yato is one of my best picks when it comes to anime characters. I really love his personality, mostly because it turns
from this (idiot mode) 👇👇👇

to this (serious mode)👇👇👇

and to this (ikemen mode)👇👇👇

*nosebleed* 😍
im gonna loose blood from too much fangirling, i need to avoid that 😤

Anyway this is the first time i competed for an event, and im not good at writing or typing, soooooo~ if anyone is reading this, then i give my thanks for reading btw 🙏🙏🙏

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