⚡⚡ The Lightning Flash⚡⚡

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🗡❤Character Analysis❤🗡
👆 Ratings I give her out of 5 stars👆

The Flash at the beginning
The Titania next....
Keeps her sword dancing
And would not wanna give it a rest !

You know who I am talking about right?
It's sweetheart Asuna Yuuki 💝

She's the cooking Queen who uses not only a knife but also a rapier with such elegance, beauty and charm that one can not take eyes off her 💞

She is one of those anime characters whom I aspire to be like💜

My first impression regarding her was "woooooooooowwww !! Soo pretty !! Her fighting style is great too ...oh she seems to be lonely ...wish I could be with her ...oh her prince please come and make her smile !!"

💚💚💚My beloved Asuna "I love You😍"💚💚💚

💕 Details About her 💕

1)She is the daughter of the former CEO of RECT inc.

2)Her skills with the rapier had her earned her the nickname «The Flash»

3)She is the beauty Queen 💞

4) Affiliation -Solo player ⚡
-Knights of the blood (sub leader)

5) Age 15 now 18

6) September 30, 2007

7) Gender -female

8) Family
-Yuuki Shouzou
-Yuuki Kyouko
-Yuuki Kouichirou
-Kazuto Kirigaya

9) Occupation - High school student

10)Due to her tendency to charge into battle with a rapier despite being a healer, she has earned the nickname «Berserk Healer»

💜So now let's talk about why I like her 💜

1) Cuteness😆
She is cute as hell !
Soo much that anyone can tell
Things she does makes one's heart race
Kirito go and kiss her on face 😍

She is so cute ...her gestures are lovely ...who doesn't want a wife like her !! none right ? Kirito you lucky fellow she's a princess take care of her 😘

2) Strength 💖
Cute she is but also strong
Soo much that you can't prove me wrong
her skill with rapier is the best
Still not agreeing? then have a Duel test 🗡

Her determined eyes ....I wanna be like her ....will to do anything ....from fighting for the ones you love to sacrificing yourself for them 💕

She is not known as lightning flash for nothing !!

3) Love 💛💛
She loves him more than anyone
Around him all she has is fun
Lots of actions filled with love
"I 💗 you" an enchanted vow.

Can you be more love loving than Asuna ? it takes a lot of strength and courage to be like that !! she loves him so much that she risked her life for him ....she nearly died 😿

4) Care
She cares too much
Gets worried and such
But you'll never find such care elsewhere
So you better take her good care💘

She is a worrywart who really loves kirito ....she is mature at the same time childish !! She cares for Yui and really loves every one close to her !!

5) Emotional and family like 💓

Emotional girl she indeed is
Take care of her with a loving kiss
She gets happy as soon as you are there
By her side and In her care..

Can't deny the fact that Asuna is emotional... she cries whenever she knows that her dear ones (especially kirito) are in trouble .... And if you ever see her cry ...the first you do is comfort her ok?

Is there anything I dislike about her ?
-No !! Not at all ... I aspire to be like her 💜 Strong brave cute lovely caring epic and so the list goes on and on 💝

Thanks for reading !!
Comment your favourite character 💙Do you like Asuna? If so comment "yes" Let's see how many Asuna fans this post reaches !!

See you soon !!

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