Favorite Anime Character Analysis

By Eru Akise2017-09-04 04:55

•Beyond Birthday
(AKA: B, BB, Rue Ryuzaki)

•{4.5/5.0 Birthday cakes} (see what I did there)

Basic Information:
•Age: Between 17-23
•Gender: Male
•Death day: January 21, 2004
•Occupation: "Un-Private detective//Serial Murderer
•Appearance: •Young man
•Black hair
•Shadows under his eyes
•Thin and fairly tall
•Always walks hunched over
•Often sits with his knees pulled up
against his chest.
•wears long-sleeved white shirt and
faded jeans

•Quotes: • "I feel the word "private" carries with it an
excess of neurotic egotism...you might say I
am an unprivate detective, a detective
without an ego.”
• "I'm an aggressive top… I have never once
been submissive. One of the few things I can
boast about. I have never even been
submissive to a traffic signal."
• "So far this was merely a detective war with
the killer, but from here on our lives are on
the line. You should be ready for anything,
• Ryuzaki: "I'm a corpse."
Naomi: "Hunh?"
Ryuzaki: "I have become a corpse. I cannot
answer you. I am dead."
Interesting facts: •Beyond Birthday was born with
"shinigami eyes" allowing him to see
when somebody is going to die.
•It is unknown how BB really looked,
for it is noted that his appearance
was due to exessive make-up.
•It is also said by Mello that BB had a
"shinigami's laugh".

Little is known about BB, though he and A (real name unknown) were the first two children in line to succeed L. The pressure of Wammy's House proved to be too great for A, which caused A to commit suicide, while B wound up running away at some point.
His whereabouts remained unknown from May 2002 to the beginning of the story (though it is noted that he was staying at a wammy safe house), L having tracked cases around the world to search for him. Beyond Birthday came up with a plan to surpass L, as the "World's Greatest Criminal", giving L a case that B hoped he would be unable to solve.

I believe BB is psychologically unstable now due to the unimaginable levels of stress he was placed under as a child, however, I also believe that, even though he became a serial murderer, he was a very sweet child who still has a strong will and resolve to be great in the eyes of others. It was even noted in the novel that he used his shinigami eyes ability to choose his victims as people who were predestined to die on that day. He did ultimately end up committing suicide, however, only after he new he had accomplished everything he felt he was capable of.

My first impression of Beyond Birthday:
When the novel first introduced BB, he appeared to be L himself. I have always been a fan of L so my first thought of BB was that I liked him. The reader does not, in fact, find out that BB is not L, but rather the serial killer, until the end of the novel. This is what leaves a good impression of BB, and allows him to grow as a deep and intricate character as you connect his sorrowful backstory with his lovable character traits.

What I like about Beyond Birthday:
I love the fact that BB can serve as an L substitute during the novel, not only because of his behaviors, but also his appearance due to him wearing makeup to even look like L. What causes me to like BB more than L is that, in a way, he is actually greater. BB did outsmart L and he was actually caught by Naomi Misora, when she figures out that he has led her into figuring out the case. Also, BB has a very tragic backstory that gives him even more substance than L as L's backstory consists mainly of mere back flashes.

What I do not like about Beyond Birthday:
The reason Beyond Birthday did not receive 5 full cakes, is because he is a serial killer. Also he is an extension of another character who has a large effect on the feelings of the reader. When imagined as apart from Death Note, BB is not recognizable or relatable until the end of the novel.

To me Beyond Birthday is not a role model. He is not somebody you can look up to, nor is he someone you can strive to be like. So why is he my favorite anime character? The answer is simple. He is a connection to someone who is all of the above. Not only that, but he is almost an extended version of him. I refer to L, the greatest detective in the world, and previously my favorite character. Beyond Birthday is similar to L in so many ways that for most of the novel, you are unsure whether or not it is him, and this is a relief to all those who were devastated by his death in the original series *single tear*. Through Beyond Birthday we can appreciate both how amazing L is, and also, even how amazing BB himself is (despite the fact that he mutilated his victims for hardly any reason, or the fact that he is killing people in the first place).


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