Ajin (review)

By Jochen2017-08-20 09:58

The main query the anime set in the picture is something like, why do you habitually get jailed and torment as you are being only who you are. It’s far from a crime though. It’s similar to get arrested for you being an artist. Can you change that? I think not, but what about the real criminals? They are there, as discriminators, terrorists and governors, laborers, and etc etc.
The story is also amazing the way how it was delivered and most of the ideas are very logical as well
The other thing what got me was the animation style and the action scenes. But the action takes more in this. They are impressive like ones I have never seen in anime I have watched so far. And of cause for the most part it also gives me the horror feeling that gave me when I watched Tokyo ghoul. I mean, I am not saying I was scared watching either of this, but it does move me, it touches me and my feelings. The other thing that I found similar to TG was that both should face their fate, for some just to die and other to survive to learn their hidden ability of restoring themselves and the rest just to suffer.
The plot is focus on many things. But here I will high light bout the main character and things that comes on the process. The guy is a student named Kei Nagai. Who actually finds he’s an immortal/ajin after getting hit by a truck. Thus he was wanted by the government to the fullest. Since ajin are considered unsafe. In all through running and fighting, the only one in his side might be his childhood friend, kaito. And this is the point where the logic gets more rational. The government, they do the opposite of what they agree to the citizen. They fools the poor people and claim helping the ajin although they were just a mere subject to the government for their malicious experiments.. As in some point as I said, some dies some survives, even though kei want no part in it, lot of them who escape the horror seek out revenge. But eventually kei also had to join to fight sato. He’s the boss of the pro-Ajin party, also known as Hat, who appears as a white-haired friendly old man. But in reality he’s an A-hole
To sum it up, it has action, constituent of expectation and a lot of thrill, go for it. You won’t be sorry. I mean different ppl have different estimation and thoughts. And this is just me

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