Top favourite ships of all time!!

By LyChee.2017-08-11 13:24

Here are my top ships of all time! (Not in any particular order)
Honestly sometimes couples in anime are so cute, of course there are some that aren't portrayed as a couple yet act like one 😉😉
1) Oikawa X Iwaizumi (Haikyuu)
Honestly these two are like a match made in heaven ❤️ I'm pretty sure the creators ship them too.
Iwaizumi is Aoba Johsai's ace and Oikawa is the team captain. I think I fell in love with this ship when there was a moment Oikawa set the ball to Iawaizumi at the last few moments, they looked at each other with so much trust. Also in the past, Iwaizumi was the one who supported Oikawa when he was feeling down. Those two are also so hilarious, and who knows Iwaizumi might be actually jealous of Oikawa and his fangirl so he always hits Oikawa with the volleyball 😏
2) Kuroo X Tsukishima (Haikyuu)
Alright Kuroo and Tsukishima are my favourite characters in Haikyuu! Put them together and BOOM you have my absolutely favourite ship of all time. (I ship Bokuto X Kuroo but 🤷🏻‍♀️) I really like Tsukishima's cold attitude and Kuroo's cute and warm one. Kuroo was the one who taught Tsukishima how to block in volleyball. Even Tsukishima cannot resist Kuroo!! I find that their attitudes although clash, they make a great couple ❤️
3) Asuna X Kirito (Sword art online)
Asuna is by far my favourite female character because she's strong and doesn't need anyone to save her. Though in her weak moments Kirito is always there by her side! I really enjoy their screen time together, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see them together. Honestly you can tell Kirito loves Asuna so much and vice versa. I also really love their love life in sword art online. Also so many other girls have a crush on Kirito but he's like eh Asuna is the only one for me.
4) Edward X Winry (Full metal Alchemist)
Though they didn't display any prominent affectionate in the anime, the last episode where Edward confesses to Winry is absolutely adorable!! I feel like Winry is the one who views all of Edward's vulnerable feelings yet still loves him. She is the one who fixes his arm and despite her saying that she won't like someone shorter than her *ahem ahem* Edward on the other hand loves Winry so much, he always tries to protect her from any harm and is willing to risk his own life for her.
5) Roy Mustang X Riza (Full metal Alchemist)
They both share the same sad history, I think they make a great duo together. Sadly they never displayed any love in the anime (A girl can dream) Riza rescues Roy when he becomes too consumed with revenge, Roy is also willing to sacrifice anything for Riza. Two of them have a really unique relationship in my opinion. They also really understand each other, they suffered many hardships and had happy moments. I honestly wish they would get together!!
6) Kagami X Aomine X Kuroko (Kuroko no basket)
This is a really weird ship but it's really good!! Aomine and Kuroko have a history together as absolute best friends but after Kuroko left he established a new one with Kagami. Kagami and Kuroko both play basketball against Aomine not to win but so Aomine can come back to his senses. I personally think that's really sweet, Aomine finally realised the truth and became a better player. Kagami and Aomine are also two 'lights' to Kuroko!
7) Decim X Chiyuki (Death parade)
No prominent love scenes in the anime but who doesn't ship them like what!! I like them together because they bring the best out of each other. Decim who is supposed to be 'emotionless' has the cruel ways of his judgement changed because of Chiyuki. Chiyuki somewhat makes him human and Decim cares so much for Chiyuki he is willing to break the rules. Chiyuki is also very selfless as she forgives him for anything he does. Decim lets her live the last moments of her live in her dream. (Skating) AND HONESTLY I CRIED SO MUCH IN THE ENDING!
8) Soul X Maka (Soul eater)
Again no love scenes!! But Soul's overprotectiveness can definitely be counted. I like their relationship because it isn't all smooth and happy but they learn and grow together. They face hardships and get over them together, Soul is super protective over Maka and does not hesitate to risk his own life whilst Maka constantly wants to get stronger so she can protect Soul. She feels guilty for Soul's wounds and takes on the burden herself.
9) Mikaela X Yuu (Owari no Seraph)
Mika endured a lot for Yuu (becoming a vampire and all), I think those two really deserve each other and also fit together. (Abit like Armin and Eden) Yet despite his love for Yuu, Mika is very selfless and considerate. He understands Yuu's feelings about his friends and he suffered to much for Yuu!! Yuu on the other hand accepts Mika for whoever he is, he does not care even if Mika is a vampire. He loves Mika for whoever Mika is and even offers his own blood to Mika.
10) Nagisa X Karma (assassination Classroom)
They are honestly the funniest ship in assassination Classroom. Karma accepts defeat against Nagisa even though it hurts his pride, despite constantly teasing Nagisa he cares for him dearly. Two of them are best friends and Nagisa also cares for Karma in his own way. He always tries to steer Karma in the right direction as Karma always takes risks.
(Btw if you didn't know Nagisa is a boy despite his appearance)
11) Eren X Mikasa (Attack on titan)
We all know Mikasa goes into her berserk protective mode is anything happens to Eren. Eren represents a lot to her, he was the one who rescued her from the darkness and the scarf he gave her is like treasure to her. Eren though is sometimes annoyed by Mikasa, he loves her equally much and is willing to do anything for her. He puts her first over his own safety. I hope they get together sooner or later, all them titans would be beaten 😂
12) Erwin X Levi (attack on titan)
Both of them are literally goals. Honestly I don't have much to say about these two together but I really like them together I don't know why. Levi and Erwin are both very strong leaders whom help and lead humanity. I guess it's because they are both selfless and proud? They are also very close together. (Their height is really cute too 😏)
13) Ban X Elaine (7 deadly sins)
I feel their love story has a very deep and meaningful meaning. Ban is persistent yet kind at the same time as he agrees to back off after Elaine's warning. Despite his cheerful demure he hides a very painful past. Elaine is shy and cute looking though they don't look like they fit together, she is brave enough to let Ban live and sacrifices herself. Ban is forced to live yet he swears that he will someday find a way to revive her, he always pushes himself to the limit for her. (TRUE LOVE)
So these are my otps of all time! I actually have more but I didn't want to make these posts long. Comment your favourite ship down below!

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