High school DxD inspired Poem😈📃💭🎶❤

By Dirackel2017-08-10 18:55

😈Perverted Pawn:

Embraced gently in crimson waves
I am the pawn amongst her slaves
A Red dragon🔥for an arm, a devil's soul
That's just the way I roll
For a Harem always trying to be cool


They call her the Priestess of Thunder⚡
Second-in -command of whom I serve under
"Ara Ara" "Fufufu" forever over and over
Her beauty and strength surely amaze
and you've got to admire her sadistic ways


You may think a small girl could do no harm
But For a nekomata😼 trust me that you'll be alarmed
Cat ears and a beautiful tail
Never judge her by appearance
She might send you flying away
you will never play with a cat after that day


Pretty boy lives up to his name😎
To him your full power is but a game
The power to give birth to swords
Battle with him and you'll never be bored
A powerful hatred For Holy swords he surely hold
😈Knight 2:

She doesn't talk like ladies
Her dream is to make with a dragon lot of babies
A Wielder of a holy sword was never that Weird
No one can understand how she feels😶
But she is certainly the powerful among her field
No fear at all
She shall erase Evil with that powerful Holly sword
The legend Durandal


A girl ever so appealing
Posses the power of "Twilight Healing"
A demon driven by truth and love😊
Still attempts to pray to the lord above

😈Bishop 2:

A Vampire who suck only dragon blood
Always away from people
That rule for him is gold
A cross dressing doll
He will help his friends at any cost
With those beautiful red eyes
That can stop time
He might look like a beautiful Girl😫
But he has the Forbidden balor view
Who can resist it are only a Few

😈Rias Gremory:

Allow me to tell you the story
Of the enchanting Rias Gremory♥
Named the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess
Her powers as amazing as the title suggests
Its much more than a game of chess
One wrong move is an eternal rest
Rias and her servants noble and bold
Live together to form the Gremory household.

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