Which Guy Would You Choose??

By knight_dragon2017-08-03 13:32

Okay I Was bored so I decided to post a post about which type of guy you would choose so leave it down in the comments about the type you would choose.👍💕👎💕👌

1.The Smart 4 eyes >×<
-The guy who's the top notch in the class and you always think he's anoning 4 eyes jerk but once you start talking to him you some how you just stick with him and get mad at him and start to fall for him some how.

-The guy who doesn't bother talking to any one and always the who who's alone so you decided to walk up to him and talk while he always ignores you which completely ticks you off so you mostly anony him till some how your always with him 24/7. Once he let's down his gard you see his sweet and charming side and your heart goes *badum*

3.Stupid Baka!!!
-The guy who sticks to you and you can't just shake him off. He says things that sound wrong even though he doesn't mean it that way making you blush up to your ears. He acts like a spoil child with dreams out of his reach but he protects you no matter what cost. The part that makes you fall and he always is there by your side and off course you punch him.

4.Childish but Cute
-A boy who's super cute and has a personality who steals the heart of every girl no matter the age. He is your best friend and you just don't know your feelings for him. He's the school teddy bear and everyone gathers around him so you don't go near him much during school. Do you like him???

5. Cool but not!!!
-He guy who steals the heart of every girl in the school but one. You!! you know his real personality the anoning guy who sticks around you and jello around the boys your with. He protects you from harm yet you still get mad at him. You think he's an anoning freak that stalks you mostly. Yet he might be kind heart you just refuse to know that side. He makes you mad all the time but he sticks to you and when he's gone you feel lonely but doesn't know why. You like to tease him and he teases you he still sticks to you though. He some times says he'll make you fall for him.

-I guess he could be a cat? He's the guy who likes to play jokes and mess around with the girls or maybe not. He meets you wondering why you arnt afraid or scared. You don't care much for him so you just ignore him while he sticks to you curious as a cat of course. Of course he gets on your nerves making you mad and angry but he thinks it's fun. He actually might have a bad past so you do learn about that. He has a cute side too a and Can make him blush too.

7. Jelous #cute!!
-He's your boyfriend yet he gets mad every time you talk to a boy. He is really cute when he's Jelous and makes you blush when he turns around and says he is. You love him no matter what but it's still fun to make him red head to chin.

8. Perv??!?!?
-Okay I don't know your type or what ever but I won't judge if you like this type. He's the perv who like to look up skirts and likes to flip them up. He gets nose bleeds when he sees two girls together and when he see a girl with big... Ya any ways he's the guy who gets slapped every day.

9.Long hair cool!!
-Ah the guy who's in the past mostly or in fantasy Mangas any way the guy who's so cool no matter what he does he's even prettier than a girl capturing guys and girls hearts. You act like he's a normal person making him happy about that and sticking to you making his true personality come out.

10.Animal lover or Animal??
-I guess he can be an animal I mean he still loves them I hope. He loves animals more Tha anything in the world. He is pretty popular I'd say he is surrounded by people sometimes and it always captures a heart when he saves a dog or cat or animal in a box makeing him seem like a nice person. He will do anything for an animal helping it with a hurt leg or

11. Sword and Thief
-He's the guy no one wants to be around knowing what he does. Once you get close you want to know more about him. He tells you to stay away yet you don't listen. You learn about his past and why he does this he's not always bad he helps when he can though. You fall for him and he falls for you.

-Or are you like me watching on the side lines of the two guys making out instead of choosing them your self you just put them together. I mean come on!!!!

Any ways I hope you like it what's your favorite guy I mean I would go with all except the perv of course.

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