【Tokyo Ghoul Poem】 "Ghoul"

By PhantomZero_02017-08-01 02:03

Fantasizing of the perfect girl inside my head,
Until I saw her eyes turn black and crimson red.
Then that moment I knew, I am going to be dead;
But it turned out ... I was lying on a bed

I lately noticed a scar located at my kidney —
The organs of that girl was then transferred in me.
Little did I know and little did I see...
That I have already lost my own humanity.

Then became hungry, I badly needed food to eat,
But every singly bite was like some piece of sh*t.
Although there was coffee that tasted very sweet,
I craved and craved for some to more human meat.

Sometimes I ask myself in the mirror, "Who are you?"
Because I have doubts of the self I once knew.
And everyday I wonder of the things on what to do
In this crazy, unforgiving life as anew.

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