Otaku poem

By Kurin2017-07-30 22:43

all of us have something we share,
a special connection in the air,
unless an angry fangirl that we meet,
everyone alike is so sweet,
all alone on a rejected world,
a shining light comes down on me,
smiling faces all around,
here online is the place to be,

anime welcomes us with open arms,
all those faces with smiley charms,
for today we fight the titans,
or maybe open a cafe,
otakus know that anime is here to stay,
all over the world it spread,
without it some may be dead,
its an island after being washed away,
and without it seems a wasted day,
up all through the night,
Freddy Kreuger is not a fright,

when connection is slow,
it leaves us feeling rather low,
don't bad mouth the butler,
you might experience hell,
let's go visit a dungeon,
pick up girls with Bell,
call Taiga cute,
it won't end up well,

you see we need it so much,
don't criticise our ways,
you might want to know many of us slay.

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