What Does Fairy Tail offer Us?

By Macbeth2017-07-29 05:52

Well, Fairy Tail has ended.
Most commonly used phrase in the Otaku world recently.

This is one series that has everything.
We have Fairy Tail lovers, haters, TONS of ships (and that is not the slightest bit of exaggeration), Story arcs that made us laugh, cry and think, moving moments....
I just realized that if I list out all the things Fairy Tail has to offer we would be sitting here the whole day.
So my contribution to this challenge is what does Fairy Tail offer us?? Or in a simpler way, stuff that makes Fairy Tail...well Fairy Tail.
Number One: The Friendship

The most common reason for FT haters to hate on the show is the acclaimed ‘Nakama power’.
But that is not what I’m talking about.....
I’m talking about the friendship or the bonds that tie them together. Although they have their troubling past yet they face their challenges together. The trust between each character is really mind blowing. Inter-guild collaborations and all the trust really blow my mind.

My favorite friendship is Natsu and Happy. Reasons why because....one they can’t be shipped (please don’t start another ship) and second because they are the best friends.

That is probably why the series has so much fan support. The mere courage to stand up for one’s friends even when everything is falling apart....that is a lesson FT offers us.

Speaking of friendship.....

Number Two: The Characters

I have my own list of my most to least favorite FT characters.
That’s one thing most series hasn’t offered me. There is at least one character we despise in all series (except Haikyu!!.....which is an entirely different matter.)
Ahem... as I was saying...FT characters are really unique. You can see all types of characters (I don’t recall seeing a yandere...though..hmm.).
The funny part is we fall in love with each and every one of them. We fall in love with even the bad guys which are true because I bet there are more fangirls for Zeref than Natsu. Let’s be real. (Oh! And Acnologia is my bae. If you don’t agree then go read the manga)

The Character development in FT is also really good.
Lucy growing stronger, Natsu with his unwavering loyalty, Erza’s strength, Gray’s cool headedness, Happy’s cheer, the transformation of Gajeel, Laxus, Lyon. I’m not putting Jellal as the bad guy because he never was.
I can’t list out all of them because this is a never ending list!!!
As for my favorite character...it’s hard picking one. I’d say, Ultear Milkovich. It was sad no one but Gray recognized her sacrifice. She is, hands down, THE most underrated character.
Oh, another good part about the Fairy Tail is the characters never die. Like for real. This is the one series where all the protagonists (But Simon!!!...yeah I know) survive till the end.
Mashima should take some pointers from Isayama on this aspect. Hmmm.

While we are on character let’s not forget the...
Number 3: Ships

One word and all hell break loose.
This is literally the one series with THE most number of ships. You want normal ships. Here. Bi? Definitely. Yuri?? Do you even have to ask? Yaoi?? OH DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED.
It’s basically a parody of that rhyme song “Old McDonald’s had a farm”. This is how it goes :

Hiro Mashima made a story. Eaeaooo.
And on his story, he had some ships. Eaeaoooo.
There’s a big ship here. There’s a small ship there.
Here’s a ship. There’s a ship.
Every where’s a ship ship.
(And repeat.)

The most common ships are the, of course, the Big 4. Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza and Gajevy.
But a thousand more exists. Like for real...Gray is shipped with Natsu, Lyon, Ultear, Erza, Loki, Juvia, Cana, Lucy, Gajeel and Laxus. We are talking about ONLY Gray.
As for my favourite ship....hmm. Of the usual shipping it’s Jerza. I also ship Lyon X Gray and Kinabra. So three fav ships.

And speaking of Boys and Love....

Number 4: Fanservice

(I need tissues for this one!!)
FT offers great and pretty fine fan service. One of the main leads of the series is a stripper for heaven’s sake!!!
Since all them are mages they’re very fit and ....shapely?
This is one of the rare cases where we fall for men and women equally. This one doesn’t require words....I’ll just show you what this is all about.

I’ve bled to death....now let’s laugh back to life...
Number 5: Comedy

Yes. FT has its share of laughter. Although FT makes us feel all kind of emotions it’s safe to say this series is pretty funny. Even in the most desperate of the situations, they make us crack us up.
Some of the most repeated funny moments that make us laugh every single time are:

Dragon Slayor’s motion sickness especially Natsu.

Natsu and Gray bro fights.
Then Erza beating up Natsu and Gray due to the said bro fights.
The Lucy and Happy moments.

And my favourite, the fact that all Father’s in FT are pervs. ( Which is hilarious~~)

We spoke of comedy. In its flip side is....
Number 6: Drama

Well tragedy should have been a better heading but I’ll stick with Drama for obvious reasons.
As much as it makes us laugh it makes us cry more. FT has a lot of moments where we cry like little babies. Some of the saddest FT moments might be these,

Wendy realises she has no guild.

Farewell to Laxus. You knew this one was coming. This made me sad and happy.

Lucy sacrifices Aquarius.

The Natsu-Igneel flashback. God, I hate Natsu’s flashbacks....somehow it’s always touching.

Combining all the above stuff we get the....
Number 7: Story Arcs

Tons of story arcs. Some were really bad, some were really good. I’d write about my favourite story arc.
It’s none other than The GMG arc.
It’s obvious because of the excitement that this arc gives, the competition, new characters. It was like FT 2.0 which is true literally and metaphorically.
We get to see Lyon become hotter, Sabertooth whom we hated but now are our favourite, Crime Sorciere (which happens to be my favourite guild), games that made us laugh and angry.....well these are my favourite moments:

Mirajane vs Jenny

Erza’s declaration (I love how everyone is shocked but Natsu and Gray are laughing like maniacs)

Badass Cana moment


[See what I did there?? Only 7 parts.....get it 7??? (sigh)]

Ahem...So FT has a lot to offer its viewers. One thing that amazes me is that the reasons why people like FT are exactly the reason why some hates it.
I’m not taking sides here.

But no matter how boring it gets, how much ever feels this series pulls on me, I will continue to read it, watch it and support it till the bitter end. That’s how dedicated I am to Fairy Tail.

Thank you Mashima for this wonderful work of art.


Thanks for reading
Peace out

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