Facts about Fairy Tail

By Sempai2017-07-27 19:51

1. Dragon Cry ranked #10 opening week in Japan with 38 out of 101 theaters that screened the movie sold out.

2. When Mavis decided to form Fairy Tail, Hades suggested that "Precht Brothers" be the name of the guild.

3. Hiro likes NaLu as more as friends, but less than lovers.

4. Eileen was the first Dragon Slayer.

5. Hiro has forgotten how he named Gray.

6. All the dragon Slayers (Who were raised by dragons) have their guild marks on their upper arm.

7. Zeren and Mavis can communicate telepathically from consciousness to consciousness.

8. Gray is shown smoking in the manga but not in anime.

9. Anna Heartfilia made Natsu's scarf.

10. When Juvia was asked what was the best quality is Fairy Tail, she said it's a warm place.

11. On the 'Notice me Senpai' board Juvia came in first.

12. Lucy was supposed to use cards instead of keys.

13. Hiro Mashima said that if Mirajane and Erza were to fight, Mirajane would win.

14. Mavis doesn't wear shoes because they remind her of everything she has to lose.

15. Mavis Originally was supposed to be a male.

16. Both Natsu and Gray are characters created Mashima's own personality.

17. Gray was originally supposed to be an ice/water dragon slayer but Mashima soon scraped that idea.

18. Lucy was originally going to be a yandere but that changed after Mashima created Flare.

19. Makarov was supposed to die in Tenrou Island arc.

20. Mashima used the last chapter to tell the audience how he felt about all the ships.

This was all, it took me a long time but I think it's worth it.
Hope you like it !!

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