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Hello everyone,this is my first post and it will be about Orihara Izaya.I will try to get into his character and express him.You can leave your impressions in the comments and hope that you will like it.Enjoy😁.
Yo.I think that most of you know me right? If not than this is a good opportunity right?
Anyway.I was wondering why people keep calling me crazy or freak.It really is sad you know.After all I love people,I mean everybody.
I spend my time looking up for them and helping them in achieving there goals.I mean each one of them,as long as they want.After all people evolve their own way.I mean either you become a super star or a wanted serial killer, you will still appear on tv right? So it's up to you how you want to appear on tv.Basically I am the most needed person and they realise it but they don't want to admit it.I have all the infos that they need and want yet they hate me.At least everybody does consider me by their side.Well almost....
Anyway there is a secret that I want tell you.In this town,I make things happen how I want them to just to see how they will react.Doesn't it make you look up for their reactions? Wonderful right?
Well now,how about we play a little game? Shall we? All you have to do is read this little story as fast as you can.Okay? Then here we go.
"I wanted you to wonder how I will act if I had a special sword that the Yakuza wanted and the Yaguza had kidnapped a girl as the item of exchange for the sword,and the father of Anna asked my help to get his daughter back so I lended him some money that he needs to get his daughter back from the Yayuza and I know someone that needs that money so I told him to try and steel it from the guy,knowing that the father has no way to afford body guards or a transport because he's to scared to lose the money.In the same time I know that the Mafia needs that sword for a trade that I did with them of corse."
So now go down to continue.
Okay now,arriving here you have no Wright to read again what's above.Now tell me where you fast? If so then how much mistakes did I do? Looking up? If so then no need to tell me cause you lost.You did not? Then my apologize.You may continue by telling me what was the name of the person that got involved in this story? There is one name anyway but no cheat XD.If you answered correctly without reading again or looking above for answers then tell me how much time did you take at reading this? You probably didn't care about setting a timer.But if you did then you are quite a future Orihara,otherwise you are a normal human so no need to overthink it.well then I will end it here so have a nice day.
You can put your answers in the comment section.Hope you did like it.Uf you want more of those you can suggest any character you want and I'll do my best to be at your expectations.Have fun 😁.(by the way excuse for the mistakes if I did too much).

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