Eternal Adventures of The Fairies

By Kirane~sama2017-07-26 23:45

I've done my review for the last chapter of Fairy Tail's manga just recently. Now, let's go with more things about FT~
A little note: I really love Fairy Tail, so I've decided to work hard here. Therefore this post will contain a good amount of parts~ 😆
~Part 1: FT Anime Review~
The last episode was when Natsu and Happy returned from their 1-year training!! It was really funny. But I'll talk about how the anime entertained me! Let's get to it~
My Favorite Arc {Of course it has a specific part. It isn't just in the general review XD}
My favorite arc in the anime is the Grand Magic Games arc!! Definitely! Here's what I love about it {Though some may be minor things, I still included them if they really are a reason why I love the arc so much~}
- They're GAMES!!! Remember, I love sports anime 😆 Although they aren't exactly sports, they still have the reasons why I love those. Of course it has a different "vibe" than a real sports anime. But the battles and even games that don't involve them are super entertaining~
- Uhm... *cough* Mavis' hair... {If you know what I mean lol)
- The Atmosphere. It often turns from serious to light in 0.1 seconds. I love how it works 😂
- Sting!!!! uwu 😍😍😍💛💛💛
I love him~ 💞💞💞 The Grand Magic Games is where we first see Sting fighting seriously~~~
- Uhm... Ship moments ✨✨✨ You know which ones~ 💗💗
Well, that's all I can think about for now. My favorite battle is Natsu vs The Twin Dragons, of course hehe~ ✨💞
General Review
I love all of the anime, don't get me wrong. It's just that the Grand Magic Games arc is highlighted. Honestly, all arcs and episodes {*cough* the fillers were funny {<-- The ones before the Succubus Eye (guild) thing}} entertained me in each of their own way and I loved every second of it. Feels hit parts of me, of course, and you may know that Fairy Tail brought me to the anime world. I'm hyped for the next season and Mashima-sensei's upcoming plans!! {Please add the sign in Fairy Tail done by the fingers XD} Oh, my favorite character's Erza hehe ✨❤️
~Part 2: A NaLu Fanfiction~
NaLu's gotta be my favorite ship in Fairy Tail, so I was really expecting something to happen between them before the manga ended, and I was really sad when nothing did. That aside, here's a fanfiction that I'll offer to the shipping gods of anime 😂
*Takes place during a random date after the last FT chapter* 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
💕 Warm and Peaceful 💕
"Natsu, wake up already!! Why are you in my house again?! Geez..." Lucy sighed. First thing in the morning, and she already yelled. Not like it's the first time she and *they* did that. Natsu and Happy, I mean...
Lucy stared at Happy's sleeping face, then Natsu's...
The blonde felt a warm feeling of comfort in her chest as she saw that he was peacefully sleeping, considering all that happened with the war not too long ago. She leaned closer to the fire wizard's face and lightly smiled, "I wonder... how can you look so calm? You've faced Acnologia and all those wizards..." Lucy giggled at the thought
"I don't have any complaints though. I'm glad you survived..." Lucy stroked his spiky pink hair and smiled.
And that's when Natsu woke up...
"Lucy?" the fire mage asked, his vision still blurry for he just woke up. After his vision was cleared, he saw Lucy's back turned at him and she obviously trembled, Natsu not knowing why
"What's the matter?" he asked, worried
"W-What was that?! He almost saw me... I swear..." Lucy thought, clenching her fist as she sad that last sentence. She sighed and began calming down. "I can't let him know... Just act like always...". "G-Good morning!! I assume you want b... breakfast!!! Yeah!!" Lucy nervously guessed
"What's up with you now? It's so early in the morning. Geez..." Natsu sighed
Lucy laughed nervously and had noticed something, "It's a miracle that Happy's still sleeping. You almost never wake up later or earlier than each other..." Lucy giggled
"Yeah, well... I don't know why. Anyway, yeah! I'd totally love some grub right about now. Let's go, Lucy!!" Natsu excitedly said, carrying Lucy to the table
Lucy was startled at first, but then... she wore a smile instead, "I'm glad you're still yourself. I'm really happy to have met you..." she thought
How was it? Sorry if it was cringey hehe 😅
To make up for it (In case you didn't ship NaLu or like the fanfic or whatever), here's another part for you. A quick one, I guess..?
~Part 3: Fairy Tail - Test Your Knowledge~
A game!!! There'll be items by yours truly. Of course, it, in someway, involves Fairy Tail in it...
1-5. List of Fairy Tail Opening Themes
Give 5 opening themes from Fairy Tail excluding Snow Fairy, Just Believe In Myself, Masayume Chasing, and The Rock City Boy
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
4. ______________________________________
5. ______________________________________
6-8. Name three *current* guild masters of any guild {Just first names or just last names are fine} and which guild they lead
6. ____________________________
7. ____________________________
8. ____________________________
9-10. Name the two other {*real* names} Grand Fairy Spells aside from Fairy Glitter
9. _________________________
10. _________________________
11. Lucy's first three Zodiac celestial spirits are?
a. Aries, Cancer and Aquarius
b. Virgo, Aquarius and Sagittarius
c. Taurus, Cancer and Aquarius
d. Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio
12-14. In the anime, we've seen three dragon slayer magic fusions. Identify the elements that the following fused with
12. Fire & ___________________
13. Shadow & _________________
14. Iron & __________________
15-19. Match the dragons with the corresponding dragon slayers they've taught
Wendy & _________________
Natsu & _________________
Gajeel & _________________
Sting & __________________
Rogue & _________________
20. All of these armors of Erza were shown in the anime except
a. Sea Empress Armor
b. Wind God Armor
c. Robe of Yuen
d. Purgatory Armor
21. How many episodes does Fairy Tail currently have? {Episodes in the main series ONLY and Fairy Tail Zero}
a. 277
b. 265
c. 280
d. 257
Please, please, please. About numbers 1-8, only answer them if you're sure about it. If not, please consider it wrong 😅 You can search your answers and if they come up, then they're most likely correct...
That aside, here are the rest~
9. Fairy Sphere
10. Fairy Heart {So... I warned about the real name, kay?}
11. c {Taurus, Cancer and Aquarius}
12. Fire & Lightning
13. Shadow & Light {White, I guess..?}
14. Iron & Shadow
15. Wendy & Grandine
16. Natsu & Igneel
17. Gajeel & Metallicana
18. Sting & Weisslogia
19. Rogue & Skiadrum
20. b {Wind God Armor}
21. a {277}
Thanks for taking it!! {Uhm... If you did 😅} You can tell me the results down in the comments 😉👇🏻👇🏻
~Part 4: A poem about the fairies' eternal adventure!!~
They've had lots and lots of adventures
From the beginning and how far they've ventured
They've had more than lots of fun times
And a share of hardships, decisions not being wise
They've fought lots of battles and defended one another
Even if, sometimes, to each other, they're a bother
They've learned lots of things and made many friends
That they'll be with not only until the ends
Their adventures will last forever as a guild
Eternal is the bonds that they've built
The end just made way for a new beginning
As the stars shine, the fairies' wings are glimmering
{Uhm... I'm in love with the pic ^^ so please let me... ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄}
Though we may not see what they go through
I have faith they'll prevail. You surely do too
They'll continue trying to solve the mystery
That is about fairies that became part of their history
Well, that'll be all about FT for now~ I hope for the best for it~ Oh and I'm still expecting canon ships XD 💗💓

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