Fairy Tail fans, let us remember them ones again!

By Anime lover2017-07-26 16:26

Saddest fairy tail deaths.When did you guys cry the most?

Let me rewind your memories.

Simon: Erzas childhood friend who died while protecting her in the tower of heaven.He really liked her,but in the end he passed away by blocking a powerful spell from Jalal.

Grandpa Rob: He was wise and old,also a wizard from fairy tail.He was trapped in the tower of heaven with erza and others,he died while trying to fight back against the dark wizards.

Jude heartfilia:Lucy's father.He was one of the richest man but not known as the best father.But he realized his actions later on and apologized to her. Unfortunately lucy wasn't by his side on his death bed.

Silver fullbaster: He was Grey's father who became the demon slayer after the deliora incident.He was resurrected by keyes one of the nine demons gates.

Ur: A talented wizard who was brave and cool as ice.She died while trapping deliora with a spell.

Mavis: Our founder of the fairy tail guild who died in the process of zeref troubles.

Future lucy: She came to warn everyone about the dragons but dies in the middle.

Lisanna: She died when her brother lost control on beast mode.It was an unhappy accident. They all died for a cause, some may have been on the dark side.But sinners can be forgiven.

We all love fairy tail,it was one of the best animes.We will remember our favourite characters in our hearts.

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