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By SriyaScarlet2017-07-25 12:00

It's not the end ...
I'm not sad that fairy tail has ended ...

Cause Hiro sensei mentioned .....

And I'm 💯 + 1 percent sure that he's gonna do something which we won't expect again !! And make you happy !!
Right now as I am .... I am completely filled with thoughts of fairy tail ...So much that i care about nothing else !

And this filled up mind of mine can only be bought back normal by writing posts... then again fitting them in one post is just impossible !!

.•. I decided to make 10 posts regarding fairy tail .... I will post each one every day !! Containing all my feelings, I'll make sure to turn them all into my best posts ever !! cause that's how much I love fairy tail !!

The beginning is here my friends !!

In this post I shall discuss about the feels every fairy tail fan must have experienced (Donno about exceptions)
1) This symbol 👆
Remember it? It gets all my feelings jinxed up !!

" I may not be able to see you
There may be hundreds of miles between us
But I'll always be watching your way
I'll be watching over you FOREVER ''

When Laxus had to leave the guild .... When Natsu was up against Sting & Rogue etc And every other Fairy tail friendship moment ...this sign stirs up our feelings inside our heart ....

the moving sensation It makes me feel it gets me emotional then kinda hyped up and I really enjoy that !!

2) What Gray means to us !
Gray is not a colour ! Gray is the best stripper of whole fairy tail !! The guy who has experienced the most saddest things in his whole life !! Gray is our ice prince !!

3) You must have thought of this

I have thought of this a billion times !! I always tend to gather all fairy tail fans together !! (you must have noticed a fairy tail group here ... if you wanna talk more about fairy tail ...that's the place you need to be in )

4) Wanting to have an exceed as your partner too

If that was possible these would have been exchanged with the real ones long ago !! So when already did arrive to this part ... which exceed do you want ?
I would want either happy or froch !!
5)When fairy tail becomes our family

How many times has that happened to me ? lol I do not remember !! Even if I were to eat with my family ....fairy tail makes its way in our talks anyways !
6)The moment your ship is together

We bore through all of this !! Just when our ship is gonna move a step ahead ..... Hiro reminds us that "hey that's just your thought I'm pausing the moment for now" and we are like "WHYYY?"
Well that is fairy tail style !!
7)The openings endings and background music

The background music is excessively great !! I just love them !! Every time I listen to it all my love for fairy tail just bursts out !! I feel so awesome that I can't express it in words !!
8) That perfectly worked out moment of our favourite ship !!

We go craaaaaazyyyyy !!

9)Being a fairy tail fan !!

Friends for you
Nakama for us

Gray is a colour for you
The ice prince for us

Happy is an emotion for you
But a cat which can fly and talk for us

Wizards are just spell users for you
But they are waaaay more than that for us !!

Zodiac are horoscope for you
But celestial spirits for us

Strawberry cake is just a sweet for you
But we know what the consequences are for taking Erza's cake !

Cats and dogs walk on 4 legs for you
but on 2 legs for us

Where heros are flawless for you
But with motion sickness for us

Where this 👆 is just a symbol for you
It is just waay to important for us

Fairy tail might be just a princess story for you
But Fairy tail is a eternal happiness for us !!

END is end for you
But Etherious Natsu Dragneel for us !!

10)Battles get you hyped up like crazy !!

11)We know that not all villains are bad

12)Wanting to use magic of your favourite character as well as every other magic you like

13)Not liking the ones who talk bad about fairy tail

14)It is Fairy tail not Fairy tale

15)Having fun collecting every info regarding fairy tail ...every fanfiction ....every shipping's pictures ....every meme etc !!

So that all for this post !! Check out my next post which I would be posting tomorrow too !!

Hope you enjoyed !!
Did you ever experience any of the things I wrote here ? If so... go for it tell me other such experiences which you had experienced while watching fairy tail !!

Thanks for reading !

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