Fairys Love

By knight_dragon2017-07-23 15:29

Hey guys I've heard the bad news about the ending of Fairy Tail and I'm super sad like crying😿😿 so I thought of a good poem about Nastu and Lucy/NaLu I really hope you like it!!😹😹

~Fairy's Love~-
I will love him
As long as the
Sun burns in the sky
Until the oceans
Burn dry
I will be by his side
And maybe one day
Be his Bride
You saved me when
I was in a twist
I was in the mist of trouble
You used your fist
To pry me out
Of the bubble
Its always more fun
When we're together
When your by my side
I feel like I can fly
Like a fairy
Fly's in the sky
Friendship is a bond
A very special one
But what about
Something more
I can be the wings
To your fairy
The knob to your
Seeing you makes
Me smile
Its painful when
Your away
Your smile is like the
Sun to me
It always brightens
My day
My heart burns
With glee
When your standing
Next to me
Your the key to my heart
We'll never fall apart
Yet you never take apart
My sweetheart
When I was in
The darkness
The only star
I need to see
Was you
I was lonely
At first but you
Nursed me at my
I now say all my
Thank you's and Goodbyes
Just to be by your side
Flames as bright as
His smile
Is like the light under
The night
Fiery fist that
Have no boundary
Yet tames by
A girl he just met
A princess in a tower
Saved by a dragon
With extreme power
Natsu is the knight
Lusy is his sunlight

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