Anime Boys Are Cute If...

By Kirane~sama2017-07-16 07:29

Let's talk about my view of things. I find anime boys kawaii if...
1. They're quite the tsunderes
Seriously, they're really cute~ Though if they're tsundere, it'd be really nice if they were paired up with another boy (it's coming out again...) If they say, "Baka!" 😂😂 I'll be like *blush*
They're too kawaii and pure for this world, aren't they? 😍 Whether they look the part and is really like that, or even if they don't look the part but is actually like that, as long as they're cinnamon rolls, just... Too cute and pure 😍
3. Their overall appearance
Their height, face, etc. If they have *baby face* or *cat face* then they're automatically cute~~ Hehe 💗
4. They have cute interests and hobbies
Example, they like cute things and love fluffy animals~ How cute would it be if they were smiling so much because of those cute and fluffy things? Aww~ 😍
5. They try...
Something like them saying, "Who said I can't do it? Of course I can!!" and then they fail. I'm like "Kawaii~" "Hontou kawaii~"
6. They're embarrassed
Like confessing their love!! That's a really good example. Or generally speaking, if they blush 😳💓 My heart is ringing XD
Cute is so different from hot~ 😂😍

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