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By Kirane~sama2017-07-16 06:58

So I wanted to talk about my ships and at the same time, know more about you guys!! How? Well, we'll be talking about whether or not you're like me when it comes to shipping
^^ By the way, if you can't take BL, I do suggest that you leave now since this post is packed with it 😅
I included the ones that I'm not sure most of the fandom supports, so it'd be nice if you ship them too. If not, of course, that's totally fine
Simple, I'll discuss why I think they're sooo sooo hot/cute together and I'm sorry if I make you rethink your own ship, I don't mean it 😅 If you agree, then we can totally get along well. These aren't all my ships though, just 5 of them. If you don't, it won't hurt to try, right?
1. RinHaru
From: Free!
I'm not sure who everyone supports more for Haru... Rin or Mako? I don't know, and that's probably why I included this ship of mine here. I've also heard of a lot of Sousuke x Rin shippers...
They were close during their young years
When they only had a few fears
Time passed, and they met each other again
Let's expect something... a little 🔥 for them
I wanna tell them:
Be sure to be someone there for each other
If one's in trouble, wherever, whenever
Overcome every problem and be free
While you're at it, can you give me something to see?
Huehuehue... {Please don't misunderstand 😂😏}
{^^ Lol I know, that last line 😂}
I'd love to see the two of them together despite Rin not being in the same school as Haru, Mako and Nagisa. I think it's cute that Rin wanted to beat Haru in terms of the time in swimming while Haru didn't even care about those kinds of things. It was super cute when they reconnected aaaaand
*Back again* AND THEIR MOMENTS!!! 💞💞💞
2. KuroTsukki
From: Haikyuu!!
Look... JUST LOOK HOW CUTE TSUKKI IS 💞💞 AND LOOK AT KUROO 🔥🔥😍😍 *I'm dead again* I included them here... I've seen Kuroo x Kenma shippers and Kuroo x Bokuto (or vise versa huehue) ones. I think they'd be cute together aaaaand the hot moments would make me *dead*
The cold and harsh nature of Tsukki together with Kuroo's cute nature (You can't say no to him 😆😍) makes me ship them
Uhm... I have a confession: I'VE READ A LOT OF DJ'S THAT I'VE SEEN... it... a lot... Err... excuse me... *backs away*
Kuroo to Tsukki, please:
You're cold, harsh, usually quiet, and such
But even so, I love you... so much
I'll make you say that you feel the same
While we're at it, let's play a game~ ❤️
3. Hinata x Otonashi
From: Angel Beats
Sorry, sorry, sorry! Yuzuru (Otonashi) loves Kanade (Angel), I know!! I don't know why I ship them, but they're really cute!!! ⁄(⁄ ⁄>⁄ω⁄<⁄ ⁄)⁄ Now, there most probably won't be someone who completely agrees with me XD. I do think they are cute 💕
Even if they met during death
They got along and became best friends
A lot of times, they've helped one another
Possibly going through fire and water 😆
This, I'm sure, is supported by only a few... But I can't help it!! They're just real cute and they became each other's best friends in the anime~
4. Lelouch x Suzaku
From: Code Geass
*Look, I think they're reversible... If you know what I mean...*
*Taking a moment to appreciate the pic* They're like two angels in heaven lol ❤️
These two used to be best friends as well!!! Ah geez get back to it already (being close, I mean) I know, I know Suzaku killed Lelouch (grim, grim...) but they're ❤️. If you know what I mean XD. Idk why but Lelouch kind of has a harem... Lol I'm talking about Kallen, CC, and Shirley XD But uh... His friendship with Suzaku's so kawaii~
Me to Lelouch (lol):
Look, yeah, I know, he killed you
But you asked him to. He loves you too ❤️
So, when you get back from there...
You should just do it, to be fair...
Aaaaand, Lelouch to Suzaku: "LIVE!!!"
*Lol he literally ordered him to live. So cute~*
5. Soma x Takumi
From: Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars
Why not~ Takumi's too cute, make it more tsundere-y XD~ It's the diner duo, everyone XD. And you may not ship them because Soma literally has Megumi, Erina, etc. (Lol etc 😂)
Takumi considered Soma his rival when it comes to cooking, of course, but...
*^^ That scene really is in the anime and it made me get the wrong idea... Forgive me 😭😅*
Me to Takumi (Lol):
You do consider him a rival so great
But is rivalry the only thing stored by faith?
Between you and that red-haired boy
May be feelings you can't toy
I'm terribly sorry if I brought out ships you hate but... How many of them do you agree with? How much in common among these 5 do we have in terms of shipping? 😆😅

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