{Thoughts} Koi to Uso - Episode 1

By Kirane~sama2017-07-08 09:27

I've just recently finished watching the first episode. I somehow got hit by feels 😭 Let's start with this... review..?
{Anime Overview}
Lies to anyone are forbidden...
In this world,
Love is even more forbidden
The world of Love and Lies:
In Japan, when you turn 16, the government sends you a notice...
That notice tells you who the government arranged for you... Your future spouse. Once it's been sent, other relationships are forbidden. Love for other besides the chosen person is forbidden... And you have no control over who will be chosen for you. The reason for this is mainly to stabilize the birth rate in the country
{Episode Overview}
It's only been released over here, so only an episode of the anime is present...
The story starts with a 15-year-old boy, Yukari Nejima. It was stated in the first episode that he had been in love with a girl named Misaki Takasaki since 5 years ago from the current time
Nejima's 16th birthday was right around the corner, which means that he'll receive his notice around that time. Knowing that, before it was too late, Nejima decided to confess his feelings to Takasaki since no one's ever sure about their chosen spouse. Nejima invited Takasaki to meet with him at around 6:00 pm...
She came at around 10:30 pm though... But she did! Nejima was about to leave, but he heard Takasaki's voice, telling him to wait.
Nejima felt nervous at first, but he did confess his feelings. It was also revealed that Takasaki and his feelings were mutual... That scene was real cute
After a while, Nejima received a text...
What did it say? That Misaki Takasaki was his spouse...
But... The message disappeared. Then came two people from the government, personally. It was when his real notice was revealed Lilina Sanada was his official partner
{My Thoughts}
The first part of the episode was actually a character narrating that the government of Japan, in Love and Lies, is the one deciding your future partner for you and it's to stabilize the birth rate. It was indeed successful, but can you imagine a world where love is forbidden?
I thought it was really cute that Nejima was in love with Takasaki and vise versa since 5 years ago when Nejima gave half of his eraser to her, seeing as she forgot hers back then. It's just that it kind of broke my heart when Takasaki wasn't his future partner...
It was, in fact, stated in a mysterious text that came to his phone that his future wife is Takasaki. I couldn't forget his happy face then and that only made me even more heartbroken afterwards when the official document was given to him 😭💔
They are quite cute together. That text got my hopes up 💔 It did look suspicious though
Lilina, Nejima's arranged future partner, had a cameo (at least I think it is... It can't be her official debut, right? Definitely not...) at the end of the episode. I want to watch more!! Definitely gonna check out the next one and so on 😁
(I hope it isn't an anime with a sad ending... The manga is still ongoing but I haven't checked it out yet so... I'm relying on you, anime! (For now XD))
That aside, I definitely recommend checking it out as well!!!~

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