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By Dirackel2017-06-26 13:51

✋Hello my Brothers and sisters in Anime sama how is your summer going? Boring? exciting? Or Normal? For me none of those...it's soo hot, i can't move an inch, i started living outside(in the forest, the beach and our garden). While having a walk at night in the beach as the air dry completly my sweat...i sit on the NOT SO WHITE sand 😑 and Look at the starry sky 🌌
After 5 mins i get bored and the first thing that comes out from my mouth "what anime am i gonna watch now" then i realise that i changed a lot during these past few months, i remember every single anime i watched "Did watching animes was a waste of my precious time?" that was the first question that i asked my self.

Of course not! it wasn't a waste of my time i learned a lot of things from Animes even my way to deal with people changed positively.
Here's what i Learned watching Animes:

🌟Never give up on your dreams:

Every anime i watched thought me this, to always keep trying our best , to always chase our dreams no matter what, to chose the path that both our hearts and minds told us to follow and to reach our dreams in the right way without hurting anyone during the process.

🌟Nothing good Last forever:

Every thing in our lifes will Come to an end
The good days when we had fun will become only memories to feed ourselves when hardships prevail, the true lesson here is to enjoy every second of the good times we are living, to make every moment worth with our beloved ones because if we miss this beautiful moments, regretting it will be painful and there's nothing more horrible than regrets.

🌟Stand up to hardships:

Life is unfair whether you like it or not, we musn't lose hope when something bad happens and we should never blame ourselfs for the mistakes we did, every one make mistakes but only the smart will learn from it, when hardships prevail we say: "that's life!" and we move on, we don't stick with yesterday we look for tomorrow and Live for today.

🌟Take care of your Beloved ones and protect them:

Apart from you guys I never had any friends in my life the only friend i had changed completely and left me Alone two years ago so for anyone out there who isn't thankful for the people around him/her, Think again!! Not every one can live alone, our friendship with others is precious to protect it sacrifices must be done.

🌟Never judge a book by it's cover:

Our hearts, our intentions, our dreams, our personalities and our point of view to things is what's important nothing else is important, because if we make the looks, the money, the power and the success or failure of others a base for our relationship with them, it won't last long because those elements don't last long too, judging someone by what's inside of his heart, for me...there's nothing more pure than this.

🌟Help the powerless and never give up on your rights as a human:

We are a civilized generation and the rules of nature and Animals aren't the rules that we should follow, to survive in this world as humans we need to take care of each other. Religion, nation and skin color aren't at all the standards which we judge people with, No and No! if most of people use this standards we musn't because we have the power to change the reality and this power is from the heart!
I swear! if all the planete had this same filthy way of thinking i will never approve it.

🌟Love starts from friendship:

Before watching anime i hated everything related to romance or Love but after... i realised what's true Love, Wanting to stay with someone forever because of his/her genuine personality that your heart responses to. Today true love doesn't exist in this world it could have in the past but not now certainly not with this way of Living, The proof is that when we watch a romance anime we always get suprised by the way the Two lovers met or by the feelings that each one has for the other Just by good actions and Nice words, Some girls or boys in romance anime are too kind that you might think they are angels not humans in fact we shouldn't get suprised because even if it's not the reality this is how love should be in the first place.

🌟Be thankful for everything:

After watching anime i started thanking God for everything without realising it, Today my mother still can't believe that i thank her for her meals each time, in fact Im helping her a lot with housework even though Im a boy, in the end Im thankful that i found the anime world Im also thankful for you guys.

🌟Our weaknesses, our fears can't be our obstacles anymore:

We all have weaknesses and fears that stop us Sometimes from reaching the top, we should perceive them and fight them in order to win, this can be done by good training because all powerful beings were weak at the start but with their determination and hard working they have become invincible.

🌟It's all about you:

If you want, if you are confident and if you have determination and the resolve you can do everything.

This is what i gained watching anime until now and i will learn more from what's coming.
That's all for today, thanks for reading 👍

⚪Did you learn something too from watching animes or reading mangas? Drop it down below in the comments👇.

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