Happy Birthday Misaki !!

By Sempai2017-06-26 12:57

"Why are you here, what are you doing ?!?!" Misaki asked ,

"Well your father called me here to be your secretary" Responded Usui.

Why is he here, why did come back after all this time ...


Why, just why?

"Ayuzawa !!?" Usui yelled after she wasn't responding to him while being next to her

"Why, what ?" Ayuzawa asked while frightened after all he was next to her.

Why is he coming near me , why am I trembling ?? my heart is beating so fast !!

"Honey, are you done ??" Hinata came in and asked "What are you two doing, why is he near you ?!?" Hinata became nervous after what he saw.

"It's nothing sweetheart, right Usui ??"

"Yes, it's nothing"

"Come on, honey we have to go after all it's your birthday today so I'm going to send you somewhere where you've never been"

"Ok, let's go"

My heart was going to explode for a little, he was so near me and I was very excited, if Hinata wouldn't come I would have done something crazy, I wonder what he wanted to do ??

"Here we are honey" said Hinata after they arrived in their destination

"Wow, it's amazing here, the flowers are so beautiful, the river is so clean and the air is fresh, I think I feel better now, thank you sweetheart" Said Ayuzawa while being happy

"I'm glad you like it, Happy birthday!!" Hinata puts a necklace on her neck.

"Sweetheart !! it's so beautiful !! Thank you very much"

"Well, everything for you honey, so shall we go now ??"

"Yes, I think this is enough"

Home sweet home, at least it was such a tiring day and a surprising one, Usui it has been a long time he hasn't changed at all, he's still the same I'm glad.
Uh...what is this letter doing here...It's from Usui and some photos...

"Ayuzawa, Happy birthday !! I've been waiting to say this to you and here are some photos which I've been keeping for so long, hope you like those"

Usui...Thank you have very much I'm very happy.

Second chapter finished !!
Hope you like it.

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