A Poem For a Lonely Child

By DeadlySquid2017-06-26 12:15

This poem is a tribute to Miketsukami Soushi

Ever since he was a child
He has been confined
Because of his nine-tailed fox inside
His family treated him like dolls
Submerged in loneliness betwewn those 4 walls

But that boy wanted to be free
And the only logical way his brain made
Was to have sexual intercourse with a maid

He moved up the ranks with his charms
Because he was in another women arms
But one day his plan bare fruit
And he changed his family
By becoming a butler for another one freely

Then he met a young girl
That showed him the world isnt dull and cruel
Now he lives to be by her side
Even though he knows its going to be a tough ride.

Tag Shoujo Manga Anime Boy Anime Recommendation Inu x Boku SS My Poem

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