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By Dirackel2017-06-22 18:15

✨Hii my fellow otaku friends Like @TheDarkLord said Im not posting a lot recently even i realise it..hmph, the reason is that Im out of ideas and the badges events are too much for me, but Let's stay positive Im doing my best👍

Anyway! Since A lot of kawaii videos are dropped in my YouTube recommendation box i have Come to this:
why we feel kawaii about cute things or cute creatures? why we have the feeling that we want to bite or squeeze them so hard?
And why this "Awwww❤" expression explode on our faces every time we see something cute?

The answer is related to evolutionary biology as Dr. Sandra pimentel (a psychologist at the Montefiore medical center in New york) says: "If we think about evolution, our goal as a species is to survive and pass on our genes"

The way we pass on our genes is by having babies, but babies need us to take care of them and keep them alive.
"By finding things cute we are more Likely to want to take care of them and protect them" pimentel said "They are more Likely to get the attention of the adults around them, remind them, 'Hey, take care of me. We are hopeless here.' "

Also our brain make us enjoy Looking at cute things Like babies by rewarding us with dopamine, a chemical that makes us feel intensely happy.

The physical traits of cute things or cute creatures are features that we find cute these features were called
"kindchenschema" so what we find mostly kawaii?
⭐Big head relative to body size
⭐Larger forehead
⭐Large eyes
⭐Round red cheeks
⭐Small nose
⭐Small chin

Our brain want to give kawaii things extra attention over non-kawaai things, it's part of humans evolutionary biology.
Then what about the feeling that we want to eat and squeeze them?
Cuteness often elicits a reaction that appears aggressive on it's surface. It is expressed as clenched fists, bared teeth and the utterance of something Like "you are so cute i could eat you up"
It's called dimorphous expression
When you express something different that what you are feeling. The same thing happens when you cry when you are happy or laugh when you are nervous, the kawaii feeling can Come out Looking like aggression but that's not really what our nature as human seek.

So next time you see something cute don't feel embarrassed it's normal😄

Well i hope that you enjoyed this post and that you learned a new thing from it!
✨Thanks for reading👍😊

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