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By Kirane~sama2017-06-19 07:31

Every single day, wherever I am
No matter what the time. Am or pm
I often fantasize about my favorite anime
And this usually lasts all day, every day
I wish that at school or at work, we'd talk about
Anime, manga, and more about it, I'd shout
I'd love to have a really nice occupation
That has some sort of, to anime/manga, relation
I'd imagine some things about my ships
And words would just come out of my lips
"Make it canon already, please..."
I want unforgettable moments for them. Like a kiss...
(Female Otakus)
I usually fangirl when it comes to anime boys
And I'd end up making much noise
(Male Otakus)
I end up falling for anime girls of my taste
And I'm completely sure that it isn't a waste
(Collector Otakus)
I'd go out to stores every once in a while
And when I get back, you'd see my face with a smile
"I bought lots from my precious otaku store"
"And in the end, I still am wanting a lot more!!"
I can't bear staying away
For too long from my beloved anime
And please allow me to read some manga
And, around me would be a so much happier aura
One more episode.... I can't sleep!
Not even if my bed's soft as a sheep
I might be lazy, yes, I admit that
Since a lot of times, I watch anime and just sat
There's no denying it, this is serious
And for non-otakus, we may seem delirious
But then, we can't help it. It's what we love
Even if we try to, we just can't stop...

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