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It's time to know about some interesting anime !! So I recommend you to watch them !! and side by side I'll give a bit of their review too !!

Well you know what I'm talking about right?
Cause in real life .... it's hard to find such guys but in reverse harem anime ....they are the only one present !!

Would you look at them? Aren't they all so... *nosebleeds

HOOoooTtt !!😍😆 and Lovely and Cute and Sweet and So on....So...
🎀🤗Let's talk about reverse harem🤗🎀

Reverse Harem Anime I know are :-
2)Diabolik Lovers
3)Ouran an High School Host club
4)Yona of the dawn

So Lets talk about them !!

Looking for a show to laugh your face off? Look no further, Ouran High School Host Club will not fall short in that aspect.
My first ever watched reverse harem was Ouran High School Host club...
So we start with it...

Things I liked in that anime :-
-The comedy
-The over exaggerated expression (you know what I mean "the dark corners etc" )
-The importance given to a vase
-The host club itself 😊😊

Cute poem for it...

Roses are red
The Ocean is blue
If you break a vase
You would soon join the host club too

The one thing that's absolutely fun about this anime is ..
It's Meme !! I can't help but laugh !! They are so
good !! I 'll share my favorite

This is the best one I say !!~

There are so many more funny Meme for this anime ...I guess I would collectively post them later !!

Roses are red
Lavenders are blue
Tamaki is cute and best
Along with his crew !!

Off to the next one ^^


It's a otome game converted into anime and the thing I love about it the most is it's Graphics !!

It has the best background details and everything is so beautifully depicted ... I just love it ..
It was only 12 episodes ...I wanted more of it .... I wanted more of Kakeru's love story !!

The magic they used and the effects were so nicely animated that I couldn't get my eyes off even for a second !!

Sound: 10/10

The sounds are actually good. The character voice actors fitting for the character they portrayed. And the soundtracks are the best one I ever heard. It really amazing and I love it. It goes together with the story plot. 

Characters: 10/10
The characters look nice with that uniform in the wallpaper. They all have different personalities. It goes really well with the anime. I don't specifically dislike any characters in this anime at all. 

Enjoyment: 10/10
I really love this anime so far. I hesitated when I saw the rating of this anime but turned out it's really good. I recommended for you. It not all that bad as people say. 

3) Diabolik Lovers
I have nothing much to say regarding this one cause I left it in second season...

The characters were really hot and good looking ...No complaining about that ...and the graphics were great too ...the best part were their eyes... they are completely attracting me...

But the thing is ....It didnt catch my eye ...all I could mostly see was everyone taking her blood thats it !! Other background story was there too but I didn't feel it interesting !

Lastly ......Yona of the Dawn

The story of the red princess
In love with the black dragon
With other 4 companion dragons
A lots of adventures together !!

I have read it's manga as well as watched it's anime !! I really like hak and other as well !!
Its fun to read their adventures and how they face their difficulties !! The love progress is no less and I find it really sweet and Cute

They Kissed !! Kyaaa~~~~
I really love the sweet lovelife between hak and Yona ...Its just that niw it got really serious situation so I have less of their romance but the story is great too !!

I only thing I hate about its manga is... it's update timing ...it updates itself once in a month !! I can't wait that long !!😢

Roses are red
The four dragons are the best

They along with Yona and Hak
Can never make the story Suck

Their teamwork is the best I swear
For each other they do deeply care

Together they travel out the world
Facing every dangers brave and bold

With cute romances they entertain us
What's your favorite moment ? Let's discuss !!

Thats all~
Thanks for reading !!

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