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"what are you talking about?"'ll see...

And so today Crichii decised something. It's a while that I wanted to try to write a poem. I mean, I don't even usually like poems that much and I don't expect to be good at it for sure, BUT then I thought, what about a explain a story in the poem for instead? and so here I am. I don't think I'm good at it, but let's give it a try!


Anime/Manga: Ouran High School Host Poem!

Once upon a time there was a girl.
Yes I know, you won't believe it, but she's a girl, trust me.
Wandering in the school, "where can I study?",
she found an "Host Club" room and so much more.

Beautiful guys behind that door,
When they started messing with her, she ended up breaking a vase.
"What do I do now? It was precious, do I pay for it or..?"
But she couldn't afford it and so they meesed with her face.

"Now you're a guy and you will work for us",
which means she had to entertain girls, this is the "job" of that Host Club!
ahah...but it was better than what she expected it to be..
cause looks like she was quite good at it!

By chatting with the school's girls and eating cakes,
(did they really had all that free time? When did they study?)
she learned more about every member's past and mistakes.
(it doesn't really matter, but even if they ate a lot, how lucky! they all had a skinny body)

Her life changed a lot,
they were fools, oh my God...
The room sometimes transformed..
with all of that happened there, you couldn't get bored.

Yesterday it became a jungle,
with weird costumes that a monkey?!
Today a water park, with pools, I have many examples,
tomorrow traditional costumes for a tea party.

It seems funny, isn't?
Then come on, you can join it!
It all seemed to be fun..
but beware, everything has its dark times.

Kyouya's father was quite strict,
he couldn't ever surpass his brother's talent.
But he was so smart, so what's with that?
It's complicated, let's not spoiler it!

Looks like Tamaki had troublesome origins,
oh, but don't was actually a cute love story ❤
But love doesn't always solve everything,
and he knew, it's thanks to that though that he was able to give a start to this story.

The Hitachiin twins, oh, they're the best...
they are so funny, you can never rest! hasn't always been like this.
There was a time when they were alone and still.

Honey is sweet like a little puppy
(oh he has a puppet by the way, "Mr. Rabbit", was that it?),
but his father had a doujo, but that sad life was crappy,
he wasn't even allowed to like cute things.

Mori..uhm..oh sorry, I don't remember about him,
but if you watch this anime you'll know immediately.
But he's a quiet guy, I can tell you this,
and he "loves" Honey...uhm..don't ask me what it means!

And so there is Haruhi, our main character.
She's poor but does it really matter?
By opening that door she found a warm place,
a family, friends, that's the best she could have.

God, in 12 eps only happened so many things...
like an energetic and confident manager electing herself,
once some girls tried to steal Haruhi away and having her all for themselves.

Or that gangster who...fell in love with..oh wow, that love was so pure!
Oh and there was the incident with that woman, she was so cruel.

They went to the beach too, that episode my heart skipped a beat.
Between cosplaying and pretending to be actors, yes, in their adventures there has been some kiss.

Gah. I'll stop now, I can't tell everything.
But gosh, so much love and funny moments you'll see! <.<
Oh you're still there? That's so kind of you!
Then I'll give you some enxtras pictures, just for you! ❤


I hope you liked it because I had a lot of fun xD
This anime is a pearl, believe me on this.
Romance reverse herem by the way, that's what it is.
Finally, thanks for reading. To me, it means so much! 🙇

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