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By Kirane~sama2017-06-06 17:00

Good day, minasan!~ I know, I know. We love BOTH Anime and Manga
That will always be a fact
Question is, which one do we prefer? (Might be quite hard to choose (。í _ ì。)
Anyways, we can talk about the good things about Anime and Manga here. Let's start with Anime!!~ ~( ̄▽ ̄~)~
Here are some things that make Anime better than Manga, for starters~
1. Animation
When a manga becomes an anime, it becomes animated, of course. Meaning, it has video (animated images) It's pretty fun since you can understand characters a bit more and they move
2. Improved Scenes
Sometimes, when a manga becomes an anime, if you've seen both the anime and the manga, you might noticed that some scenes change. Some things that happened in the manga might be unavailable in the anime or vise versa. The angles from where the scenes are viewed may be different as well, when a manga gets an anime series
3. The Feels
Well... I'm talking about the feels. Um... Let me explain, just in case... So when a manga gets an anime series, it gets, of course, animated. Since it's not an anime if it isn't. When that happens, it helps us understand the story a little bit more and there's a little bit more action since the characters move and we hear their voices and sound effects. We see it. Not only imagine it. So, in a way, it's a bit easier for us
4. Audio
It's a vital part of an anime. Animation comes with audio, of course. As I've mentioned on the third one, anime may be a less complex than the manga because the events are already arranged for us. Sound effects and voices can be heard, so we can easily make assumptions of things that'll happen
5. A Whole New World
I'd say that this one sums up the difference of Anime and Manga. Anime can have different scenes, events, angles. It has animation, audio, more action, etc. Just like reading a book from watching a movie. Oh. Did I mention that this one can help with cosplay since it's already a colored version!~
6. Learn Romaji~
Anime has voice actors, so we can learn a bit from what they say. Well, if what we watch is the subbed version~
So then... Let's move on to why Manga is better than Anime!
1. Release Date
Yup! That's right! Of course, Manga is released earlier than the Anime is. The idea of a certain Anime comes from Manga after all. Not all anime come from manga though. Just most of them
2. Imagination
Since when manga becomes anime, it's easier for us to imagine scenarios or predict things after certain events. While if we're still at the manga, it requires us to imagine, in our mind, the scenarios as animated ones. In short, it most likely helps improve our imagination~
3. More Scenarios
Sometimes, anime is made for only certain chapters of the manga. Sometimes, the anime can also be over while there are still chapters that haven't been made into an anime yet. If we only watch the anime, we might not be able to find out what happened next or we might be missing out on some answers or possible arcs
4. Better Scenarios
Sometimes, when manga is made an anime, the scenarios and point of view/angles in the anime and manga are different. Some anime have better events and angles than the anime but sometimes, it's the manga that has better events and angles
5. Look Long, If You'd Like
The manga is read; it isn't animated. So... We can look at our favorite scenes without scrolling back unlike in anime!! Heheh... Pretty lazy, eh? Anyways, yeah! We can look long at our favorite scenes without worrying about scrolling back to see them again or pause the videos
6. The Internet Bandwidth
Well, reading manga only spends a bit of the Internet bandwidth, if you read online. Anime spends a lot and it's really annoying when it buffers
So which one did you guys prefer? Which do you think is more advantageous? It's really hard to choose. I like both for a lot of reasons and they can both defend themselves. I mean, they have a lot of good advantages
Anyways, that's all for now. Have a good day, mina!~ (❁´︶`❁)

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