5 Anime Worlds I Wish Really Existed

By Kirane~sama2017-05-22 09:24

Hiya!!~~ Back again to talk about 5 anime worlds I wish existed. Don't get me wrong, I'd like all the anime worlds I loved to exist so it was hard picking just 5 among all of those. Nevertheless, here are the 5. (Maybe I might even do a part 2 and discuss another 5? I don't really know...)
~~Shokugeki no Soma~~
Food's never tasted so good~ (*´ω`*)
If this anime was real, then... Foodgasms all over the place. Still, watching it makes me curious about the taste of the food that the characters are cooking. They look and sound delicious. Imagine if we could smell and taste them too... maybe feel as well? I think that'd be good...
Oh yeah. I kinda ship Erina and Soma too ^ω^
~~Assassination Classroom~
With that kind of teacher, students can achieve anything. Seriously, Koro-sensei and the way he handles his students is pretty interesting. He gives life lessons and strives to help students with their grades. Yeah... he teaches all of Class E's students at the same time...
(Nagisa x Kayano, anyone? Or perhaps...
Some Nagisa x Karma? (>ω<))
~~Sword Art Online~~
Okay, I may or may not be talking about the whole "Being stuck inside a video game" thing. Some thing's for sure though, I thought that it'd be fun playing some MMORPG games. There's actually Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, Gun Gale Online and more (since SAO's still ongoing)
(Some Kirito x Asuna for those who ship it... including me (>ω<))
~~Fairy Tail~~
Who wouldn't want a world filled with magic to exist? Fairy Tail's so full of adventure, fantasy and action. I love it!! (Again, I'm sad that it's ending in two volumes (T_T)) Even though it is pretty dangerous there, it's pretty interesting too. Magic is all around the world of Fairy Tail. Whether it be dark or light. Plus, there are wizard guilds!! I love it!!! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
(I have lots of ships in this anime. Here are a "couple" Haha. Get it?~~ (>ω<) Sorry! ^_^)
~~Ouran Highschool Host Club~~
Fangirls, fangirling, hosts, high school. Seriously, some fans wish that they LIVED in this anime. I wouldn't blame them though. Especially... Honey's cuteness..? (>ω<)٩(♡ε♡ )۶
Anyways, that was all for today! Hope you guys liked it! By the way, what about you guys? 5 anime worlds you'd also like to exist?

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