Name the Anime and Whose that Character!

By Estcry942017-05-20 06:37

Hello Minna-San!
*Today we are going to play a guessing game where you guess either the anime or the character from an anime!!
*I promise that it's not that hard!
*I'll give you a question or a hint and you all just answer to the best of your knowledge!
•There will be 6 Rounds
•Rounds 1-3 will be "guess the anime" you'll be given a hint.
•Rounds 4-6 will be "name the character" you'll be given a multiple choice question.
•Each round you can earn up to 5 points each round.
•There will be 4 bonus questions that'll be worth 5 points each.
•You can earn up to 50 points in total!
-No looking up the ones you don't know!
-Each answer is worth one point.
-Bonus questions are worth 5 points.
-Tally up all your points and post your results in the comments section!
Round 1 - Use the anime openings to guess the anime!!
1) Unravel by Tk Ling Tosite Sigure
2) Ranbu no Melody by Sid
3) Rewrite- Asian Kung-Fu Generation
4) Shell by Bana
5) Rise by Origa
Round 2 - Use the anime ending to guess the anime!
1) Be As One by W-inds
2) Splash Free by Style Five
3) Take Off by 2PM
4) Broken Youth by NICO Touches the Walls
5) Climber by Galileo Galilei
No Rain No Rainbow by Home Made Kazoku
BONUS!! Use the OST to guess the anime!
1) Kanashiki Kako by Yasuharu Takanashi
2) 200 Miles by Jang Geun Suk
Round 3 - Use the Character to guess the anime.
Round 4 - Whose that character? Male version
A) Takanashi Souta
B) Takahashi Komuro
C) Yasuharu Takanashi
D) Katanashi Souta
A) Sai Miyagusuku
B) Rai Miyagusuku
C) Kai Miyagusuku
D) Mai Miyagusuku
A) Takuma
B) Tamaki
C) Takeshita
D) Takeo
A) Nanase Kakeru
B) Yuiga Kakeru
C) Aizawa Kakeru
D) Naruse Kakeru
A) Kaneki Ken
B) Eye-patch
C) Kenichi
D) Kenpachi
Round 5 - whose that character female version
A) Tetora
B) Yona
C) Lily
D) Ao
A) Kohana
B) Koharu
C) Koiyuki
D) Chiharu
A) Ray
B) Rey
C) Rei
D) Sailor Mars
A) Otonashi Saya
B) Otonashi Sayo
C) Otonashi Saiyuri
D) Otonashi Sawako
A) Robin
B) Raven
C) Rukia
D) Rei
Round Six- whose that character animal version
A) Ao
B) Aoba
C) Bo
D) Aoi
A) Luna
B) Black
C) Kuro
D) Kurokicchi
A) Luna
B) Artemis
C) Moon
D) Diana
A) Eros
B) Brian Griffin
C) Spike
D) Ein
A) Kiara
B) Kirara
C) Kagome
D) Kikyo
Congrats! You made it through the quizzes! Message me for the answer key! Tally up your answers and post your results in the comments section!! I tried to make it as simple as possible while still trying to keep it fun! I hope everyone enjoyed playing! Thanks for playing!

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