Will your decisions save the world???

By Kurami2017-05-20 03:19

You’re in a world prone to the danger of “Spirits” and the only way to stop them from destroying the world is by sealing their powers through a kiss. In order to do this, you need to max each girl's love meter.You are given 3 missions:
1. Prevent the spirit’s from destroying the world by winning their hearts (Getting the correct answer for each scenario)
2. Have fun
3. Don’t cheat by looking at the answers
Tohka route:
A cheerful and child-like girl who was the first spirit the protagonist (Shido) encounters. Before having met Shido, Tohka perceived all humans as a threat; believing that they were like the "AST" who attempted to kill her. However, having met Shido, Tohka's view of the world changed. Through a kiss, her powers were sealed away, ceasing the AST's attack on her.
Scenario 1:
Due to a certain event, Tohka's emotions are out of control, causing her powers to go out of control. What do you do?
a) Reason with her through words
b) Give her a big hug from behind in hope she will calm down
c) Bribe her by suggesting to buy her favourite food
d) Run as far away as you can to save yourself
Scenario 2:
You are presented with 2 different boxes of cookies: one from Tohka and the other from her rival. Compared to her rival's cookies, Tohka's cookies don't look as appetising and your instincts are telling you not to eat it as your life may be at risk. What's your decision?
a) I don't want to die yet so i'll take the safe way out of this and eat her rival's cookies even if Tohka will hate me...
b) If it will save the world...I'll eat these cookies even if it kills me
c) Eat both of the cookies presented to you
Scenario 3:
Buying swimsuits for an upcoming trip to the beach, Tohka asks you for your opinion on the swimsuit she's chosen. What do you say/do?
a) Praise her saying she looks cute and start patting her head as if she were a little kid
b) Praise her to the point where she becomes embarrassed
c) Provide feedback on her swimsuit whilst comparing her to other girls in the shop
d) "I...I think that one suits you better" *points at some strings*...huh!? Is this really a swimsuit????
e) Look away blushing whilst being unable to say anything
Scenario 4:
You have a date today with Tohka, but the only problem is the both of you haven't decided on a place to go yet. Where do you go?
a) Call it off for today so you have enough time to think about it
b) Somewhere where I can show off my good sides to her (like a gaming arcade)
c) As long as we have fun it won't matter where we go
d) Somewhere romantic like the movies
Scenario 5:
Waking up you notice something soft at the palm of your hand, but before you manage to escape from the dangers that await you, Tohka wakes up. What do you do to get out of this mess?
a) Got no excuses...*Gets down on knees and apologises until forgiven*
b) "Hey don't blame me!!! You're the one who got in my bed in the first place!!!"
c) Compliments her breast
d) "Good morning" *Gets out of bed and walks out the room acting like nothing ever happened*
Origami route:
Although she is not a spirit, Origami holds great strength capable of causing havoc equivalent to the other "spirits".  Due to her past, Origami perceives all spirits as hatable creatures, causing her to join the AST in order to rid of them. She is seen as expressionless and sometimes perverted or stalker like when it comes to the protagonist.
Scenario 1:
You are presented with 2 different boxes of cookies: one from Origami and the other from Tohka. You'd eat both cookies but fear that by eating just one box of cookies you will upset your stomach. What do you do?
a) "Sorry I already have lunch planned and am heading out with my friend. Bye~" *Runs away as fast as you can*
b) Eat all of Tohka's cookies
c) Eat a cookie from each box
d) Eat all of Orgiami's cookies
Scenario 2: You're studying with Origami all alone in your room. What do you do?
a) Start doing work and only talk to her when necessary
b) Help her with any of the questions she's confused with
c) Listen to her instructions carefully as she's the one teaching you
d) "Can we play games instead?" *grabs a Ps4 controller*
Scenario 3: You bump into Origami, causing her to fall with her panties exposed. How do you respond without causing a scene?
a) Look away whilst pointing towards her legs to help her notice
b) Well before anything else I have to help her up...I mean she did fall
c) Calmly point it out then help her up
d) Don't do anything at all
e) Hold her in a princess carry and start running to the infirmary. she'll be okay, right???
Scenario 4: Origami asks for your opinion on her swimsuit. How do you respond?
a) Flat is justice!!!
b) Could be a bit bigger...?
c) Ask her to try on a swimsuit you choose
d) Just lost a large amount of my blood supply
Scenario 5: You're on a date with Origami. What's the first thing you do after meeting up?
a) Hold her hand
b) Give her a kiss
c) Nothing special...Just starts walking with her to the destination of their date
d) Ask her what she wants do
Scenario 6: You're in the the midst of your date with origami and you notice a few friends. How do you respond?
a) Be cool about it, not caring about what other's say
b) Quick Origami let's hide in one of the dressing rooms >///<
c) Act as if you were never on a date until your friends are out of sight
d) Turn around the other way and run away with Origami
Kotori route:
An imouto that holds 2 sides: An angelic cute little sister who would listen to anything you said, and a sadistic-like little sister who holds power over you. Just like most little sisters, Kotori has a tsundere personality towards her brother (the protagonist).
Scenario 1: Kotori starts crying all of a sudden. How do you calm her down?
a) Candy?
b) Give her a hug until she stops
c) Ignore her...It's too much of a pain to bother trying...
Scenario 2: Opening the door to her room, you notice she is in the midst of changing her clothes. She looks angrily at you, waiting for you to say something before she punches you. What do you say/do to stop her from hitting you or minimise the pain she'll inflict?
a) All you can think of is complimenting her
b) "Wow...you've really grown up...ahaha..ha..."
c) *Closes the door and runs away*
d) "I'm just letting you know that this was all an accident...so before I get hit...let me imprint this into my memory!!"
Scenario 3: Encountering the protagonist's other sister, a conflict starts between the two. You're the cause of this situation. What do you do?
a) Push them both away from each other and tell them to stop fighting. Finding yourself in a situation where whilst pushing them, you've grabbed their chests
b) Choose to support one side
c) Bribe them with food (candy?)
d) Flick their foreheads...Pat their heads...Tell them that they're both special to you
Scenario 4: Another swimsuit situation...So you're at the pool alone with Kotori whilst the others are playing somewhere else. She looks somewhat anxious and you can pretty much guess that she's worried about how her swimsuit looks on her. Choose:
a) *Runs somewhere...grabs something...returns* "Here, wear this" *Covers her with a towel*
b) Compliment her
c) Compliment her swimsuit
d) Say nothing...*grab her by the hand and head towards the others to play*
Scenario 5: It's Kotori's birthday today and you've bought her a present. What present did you buy for her?
a) A life time supply of candy (lollipops to be precise)
b) Something expensive
c) A different type of ribbon to the one she normally wears
d) Something cheap
e) A toy plushy
Tohka route:
1: c
2: b
3: a
4: c
5: a
Origami route:
2: c
3: c
4: c
5: a or b
6: b
Kotori's route:
1: b
2: d
3: d
4: b
5: c
Good end (11 - 16 answers correct):
Great job the world is saved because of your decisions. You've won the hearts of these girls. Maybe you'll choose only one of them or maybe have a harem...Your ending is now your choice! It may possibly be like this:
Or even this:
Bad end (Below 11 questions answered correctly):
Well...at least you tried your best ^^. It may have not been the ending you wanted, but you had some time to go on dates with anime girls. Right now you're probably seeing this:
Or even this:
Well that's all I could write for now. I know there's other characters I could've included, but I have exams soon and I should be studying right now so I had to rush this post. I'm sorry if some of the answers don't seem correct...It was based on my opinion...Anyways I hope you had fun playing~ ^^. Did your decisions save the world?? Write in the comments the how much answers you got right xD.

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