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What's with the title ?
And what is the post based on?

It is based on him !!
~ 😻😻 😻😻 SATSUKI SHISHIO 😻😻 😻😻 ~
💛 This whole post is to show my love for him 💛

"I can't stop thinking about it... Was there no other way for me to end this without hurting her feelings?"

"I'm sorry I was late. I kept thinking I really wanted to see you. Your birthday. I'm sorry I didn't notice. The first of December. I probably won't forget it. The first time you came to my house. I didn't tell you but, actually, I was really, really nervous. The school festival. The raccoon. The sushi-pattern tie. The time when we went home together. If all of these moments continued, it would be good... That is what I thought."

"Just by being with me, I feel like I ruined a lot of things around you. I even had to lie just to distance myself from you. But even so... The moment I let go of your hand, for the first time, I realized the magnitude of what I have lost. Somehow, speaking of this now, I'm being a selfish and worthless adult. I'm sorry."

Yes it is this person.... Satsuki Shishio....whose age like throughout the series was 24....25....26... then jumped to 32.
I strongly love him !! I swear i love him more than my love for gruvia !!

~ I know every detail regarding him !! ~

1)His favorite foods are umaiboi and katsudon.
2)His favorite color is red.
3)His favorite season is summer.
4)His favorite sport is basketball.
5)He doesn't like bugs.
6)He likes to wear vintage clothing.
7)His favorite glasses are the ones he got from a vintage shop.
8)The genre of movie he's seen the most is action.

9)He is nervous about the fact that he easily gets a hangover after drinking, as well as the fact that he gets tired easily.

10)He reads a lot of shoujo manga, and even has his own collection.He admitted to Suzume that the reason he became a history teacher was because of his interest in historical-themed shoujo manga.

11)His first name, Satsuki, means "May."
12)The animal in Shishio's name, lion, is the "shishi" in "Shishio."

you didn't knew these facts right?
well there is more !!

Shishio is normally a bit playful and compassionate. He retains some of his nature while in his role as a teacher and discards anything that is considered unprofessional.

As the series progresses, Shishio appears to realize what kind of problems he actually is causing for Suzume, and breaks off their relationship. Soon after, he further comes to understand that he loves her to a degree where he believes he can't be truly happy unless she's with him and decides to "throw away his pride" and do everything he can to convince Suzume to stop pushing him away.🎐🎐

And when i talk to someone saying that i want shishio to be with suzume ....they say.... near age gaps are better !!
But i believe "love is not something which is decided by age gaps or any other differences... if it's mutual that is all what is needed !!"🎎🎎

He really loves suzume ....really genuinely ....but he realises it only later...That he was really deeply in love with her... That's the only mistake that he has done !!
I really love his coolness and compassionate self !! He has captured the greater part of my heart and i cant stop loving him.💝💝

he's the type who can make entry in anyone's heart easily but he wont really open his heart to everyone... Outside acting cheerfully... Inside hiding all the pain .....I wish i could go give him a hug.⛄⛄

Is it wrong? a student teacher relationship no good? i dont wanna go by what others say ... If they really care for each other and want to be with each other ...Whats the society's issue?😾

I get really hurt when i think about the truth .... Truth is always painful !! I really wish he had thrown away his self pride sooner !!😢😢

He loved her soo much and yet he couldn't end up being together with her .... If you were in his place .... You would also want to be loved back right ? i love him soo much and just by knowing about his sadness ...I feel miserable !! i really do !!😿😿

well i really love him !! i said that many times in this post and i will keep on saying it !!

💓💓💓Things i love about him :-💓💓💓
-His way of doing things
-His appearance ... his looks
- the fact that he hates bugs and do too
-I'm kinda interested in guys elder to me and he is one ...
- he is kind sweet heart and Darling
-his personality and attitude
- his weakness
-he likes shoujo just like i do !!
-so on.... to infinite... i love him !!

💗💗So here are the picture of him !!💗💗

Thanks for reading~
Don't comment anything regarding Mamura !!😠😠

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