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Yona and Hak ~ "YonHak"
I personally ship Yona and Hak!!!
I don't know why, but I ship them so hard. I'll admit that one of the reasons I support them so much has to do with my love for Hak...but, still, that's just one reason. They really do have great chemistry together. Even though Yona's so dense, there's still a lot of tension between them whenever Hak intentionally OR unintentionally displays his affections. Makes me all giddy and mushy inside. (///▽///)
Hak and Yona shares a close friendship, and they often playfully bicker with each other. He feels extremely protective of Yona and often teases her to try to get her to do what he says if he thinks it’s in her best interest.
He has been in love with her since their kids, but has grown to suppress his desires of doing anything outside their friendship because of her feelings for Soo-won. Hak has always looked after yona and always protected her. But Yona is still in love with Soo won even after what he had done to her.
She went from being a pampered princess to a hard working person. She struggled to learn how live outside the castle, and she learned how to live with Hak. He has been with her from every step of the way.
As Hak is the only person she has left, she fears for his safety when he is protecting her, and this motivates her to become stronger so that she can protect him in turn. So proud of her 😭
I also think Hak is really good for Yona because he's so unselfish and loyal. He's the kind of person she can rely on. He's always thinking of her well-being and, even though he worries a lot about her(it's only natural to worry about someone you love, right?), he's SO supportive and, more than anything else, he wants to see her succeed against all odds. That's what I find so, so impressive about Hak. He's such a good man. I'm in love with him again 😝😝😝
While it can be slightly frustrating at times with how oblivious Yona is, it's still cute and funny seeing Hak's reactions. On the other hand, Hak's teasing nature towards Yona gives me the same kind of feeling. Ah, I love them...probably a little too much. Not good for my health XP
Truth of it is, Hak loses his mind when it comes to the princess, so much that he's become accustomed to his one-sided love.
From funny
to clever
to strong
to serious
to sweet
and plain dumb.
That's the flow of their relationship, it's pretty hilarious if you think of it. But I really do love their bond even if they're not yet a CANON.
In first, I really see their relationship as a master and servant because hak said “Keep your mouth shut and hang on, Princess. Think of me as a tool. Use me so that you can live! That's what I'm here for!” But I know deep inside he really want to love Yona as a lover. He's just good in suppressing he's feelings (T-T) But no matter what, I will continue to route for them.
But something really unexpected happened, In chapter 137 when Hak said he would be waiting for her when she returns from her mission,Yona suddenly kisses him, then becomes embarrassed and immediately afterwards departs leaving him confused. Hak, having dealt with an unrequited love for years, is unequipped to deal with this new development (#゚Д゚) I can't handle this new development, I mean, I can't believe that yona is the one who make the move ahhhh (*´>д<) anyways, I'm still patiently waiting for them to become a CANON!
Yona and Hak is honestly one of the most healthiest ships I have ever shipped, I just cant express how much I love this ship just ugH. I love them so much for so many years. Words can't describe how much I adore their bond. There is no better word to describe their relationship than "beautiful", which is not a term I, personally, usually use when describing anime couples. (*≧∇≦*) just perfect. *bow* 👏🏻
Both Anime & Manga is amazing 😉
I'm really hoping for a season 2 of this anime (T_T) and more chapters of the manga (^◇^;)
I'm predicting their future 😝👇🏻
Thanks for reading, I hope I didn't make you bored. If you still haven't watched Akatsuki no Yona, I recommend it. It's really a good anime 😊👍🏻

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