Pair of innocence and intelligence.

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So i had like 4-5 choice every choice is so much important to me. My choices were
A. Naruto x Hinata
B. Miyamura x Hori
C. Daisuke Suwa X Hinako Aikawa ( Bitter virgin)
D. Arata Kaizaki x Chizuru Hishiro

After a very big brainstorming I chose option D.

Let's start about my OTP.

How many of you guys or girls wants 2nd chance to get younger and not make same mistakes what you already did before.

( I'm assuming myself KAIZAKI so I, Me, myself is meant for KAIZAKI)

" One day i got fired and became the neet,
I drank too much hardly on my feet.
A guy came to me offered a pill 💊,
He gave a form of experiment to fill.
Well i said yes i had nothing to do,
I was like okay try something new.
The time limit for experiment is 1 year,
If something goes wrong that's my only fear. "

Something same is going on with Hishiro.

" A lady working hard to reach the top ,
But when comes to social her head gone pop.
She doesn't even know how to make friends,
She was so depressed her story likely ends.
One day she got a pill 💊 same as mine,
A lady told her to take it and everything will be fine."

Now story starts.

" That was first day of class,
I found a seat and sit at last.
A girl came told me that it's her seat,
I was nervous and run away because of heat.
Well KARIU and OOGA were first friend i found,
I forgot my pencil and KARIU helped me around.
Suddenly i found Hishiro named girl,
Her hair so straight not a single curl.
She look like dull with nothing on face, (expressions)
I don't know why but my heart started race.
Time passed slowly and i think I'm in love,
She'll be my mistress and I'll be her dove. "

REASON : Why my OTP?

Somehow i relate my personality to KAIZAKI ( well I'm not as handsome though ). The way he respects others and a mature who always try to handle situations. On other hand Hishiro the expressionless girl but innocent like a new born baby.( well i know a stupid girl just like her on AS). Arata fall in love with her but he still stuck in his adult thinking. I like when he controls himself and Hishiro tells him to touch her on head. I like the some time beautiful and pure expressions made by Hishiro.

Arata loves her even though he know that it's impossible. It's impossible having relationship with highschool girl. He is so responsible person, he always gives priority to his friends.

I'm ending with one more poem for Hishiro from KAIZAKI when he saw har in glasses first time.

"There was an angel in front of my eye,
I peeked at her and it was worth of try.
She looks like an angel with having smile so cute (kwaii),
Her smile so beautiful it turned me into mute.
She had her glasses they make her looks so cool,
It was feast for my eyes 😍😍she made me kinda drool.
Suddenly i realized that she will be not mine,
I don't know why but I'm not feeling fine. "

Okay i admit poems were a little off. Oh come on friends I'm in middle of exams writing post is too hard for me.
Hope you like it.
aarigato mina-san. 😊

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