The game of love

By Kurami2017-05-09 13:05

When talking about my favourite anime/manga couples, the first thing that enters my mind are yuri couples…but yuri isn’t the only thing that my head is filled with…whether it be a yuri, yaoi or hetero couples, I don’t discriminate. Love is love right?? So instead of posting something about yuri this time, this post will be about my otp involving characters of opposite genders.
Last game: Yanagi x Kujou
Roses are red
and so are you! >////<
Without this game
his feeling would have never gotten through
From primary to university
not once has Kujou been defeated
For not only does she excel in academics,
but also athletics.
Yet Yanagi was far from submission
as he had but one mission:
to turn the one and only girl of his dreams
as the one who seems
just like the one in his vision.
Waiting for the day
when her left ring finger is stolen away
Their game of love starts
Who’s heart will be the first to fall apart??
The battle was tough
The battle was rough
For things did not go smoothly as he anticipated
The love of the two would soon be stopped by who???
T’was Souma-kun who did it
As if not enough
to stop their love
yet another character appeared
So sweet yet so devilish (´= ω =`)
Be warned for her actual
persona is like this:👇🏻
Despite all the effort put in by the two
Yanagi and Kujou
their love would never turn blue.
As her feelings finally comprehend
The 2 couples find their happy end.
Well so that’s all for my otp. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading~~

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