It can even point that out.

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Anime isn't just a show that gives us action or pervy stuff called "Fan Service" FC for short, It can show real life problems and sometimes maybe Help to fix them.
Problems that we run into everyday having a normal life that is full of things that you would love to change.
Having someone solve that problem or point it out is rare but at the same time really good if someone understands it by watching. Just having it relatable makes it special. There people that would have no idea what the hell is going on and just be like:

Not everyone has problems that we have or others do.
Looking at normal anime with action the ones with things like this don't have that much difference, Sometimes it does when it becomes "Slice of life" talking about that not all of them have to be with a genre of that sort. Imagine something that is relatable in a action scene but because of the action scene it can get tricky but it still doesn't change nor interrupt it.
Having it mess up your brains you get confused just like everyone else that doesn't have that problem but react normally because you understand it:

Just over thinking it makes your brains hurt from the pressure. Enough of that let's get started!
- Oshiete! Galko-chan

The pain when people only judges you by your look, That problem is mostly pointed out here with the reality of what that person does while no one knows her true self, Even her friends. Learning everyday something about that person, Creating a new image because just having to know that the person isn't like that, Isn't enough. One misunderstanding and the image might be ruined and not having that problem is simple, Just know more about that person.
- Usagi Drop

Being left out by the family because her only family member that cared about her died is just sad. But sometimes there good people that would try their best and become like a family just to make her happier.
He tries to balance his work and do things like for his own daughter even if she's just a granddaughter. It might a rare problem in our world and it might not be because there are many humans. Just seeing the kindness warms your heart believing that it can happen in the world we live in.
- Hourou Musuko

Being born in the wrong body, Having not the gender that you were supposed to act like. People wouldn't just understand the saying that you were born in the wrong body. This points about something that is difficult, Because of this issue you start to hate your life and say that this life was supposed to be someone's else and their life should be mine. The opposite gender gives difficulties on love because you might love the same gender that you were put into.
- Shinsekai Yori

The pressure on your heart because the society hates how different you are, Loving the same gender and having feelings is not acceptable in reality. Just because of the society those people can't be together. Just because their love is different it cause problems and pain for both of them, If anyone finds out they both will be hated for it. Just the thought is hurting the kind heart they have because they re different from others.
- Eden of the East

This is something almost everyone has, A problem that was created by us humans and kept us away. Technology is something we rely on more than on others or reality. Just with it we can live and see the actual things we want to see but because of it we are turned away from reality and the beautiful nature that was the only thing we had before the technology.
Thank you all for reading I hope you enjoy and check the listed anime to see the actual image!
Comment down what you think of the issues and if you have experienced it before! Bye bye!

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