What king of god would you wanna be ?

By SriyaScarlet2017-04-07 13:53

i was watching romeo x juliet and i came by Aeschylus (the god of tragedy ) so i wanted to ask which god you wanted to be ?so i made this post !!

1) god of love, happiness and good luck
-be the person spreading love and happiness ...create a world of joy for otakus and we shall live there happily !!
or some thoughts like that ...

2) god of tragedy
-bring troubles to the bad people and protect the rest or
bring problems to anime haters ! hahahaha

3) god of Intelligence
-be the smartest and give your smartness to others or keep it all to yourself !! Win all the prizes with your intelligence

4) god of music and dance
-play all the instruments from flutes to piano ...with your power of music make people fall for you skill.
with your way of dancing let all people be your followers !!

5) god of animals
-talk to animals play with them and be in sync with them ^^

6) god of attributes(water,air,fire,earth etc.)
-use all attributes whatever you like. wind air water and fire all will be in your command ....control them using your own free will

7) God of lolis
-rule over the lolis

8) God of all anime
-anime is our everything and that means you can be god of every thing...or maybe so...your wish

9) God of magic
-for me magic is every thing ...with the help of magic ...we can do magnificent things and i really think that being the god of magic is the best !!

10) god of war
- yato

Any other god ? well list it down ^^
1) god of laughter
2) god of fear or horror
3) god of seasons
4) god of pokemon
5) god of gods ?
6) god of poverty
7) god of freedom
8) god of harem
9) god of creation

Whom do you want to be ?

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