SAO is awesome ? (6 reasons why you should watch SAO )

By SriyaScarlet2017-03-25 16:45

Well lets get straight into the point !!
I will tell you why SAO is awesome and unique anime !!

SAO is about a VRMMORPG Game call SAO and our Main Character Kirito gets Trapped in the Game, and the Only Way to escape is by clearing all 100 levels. SAO is originality from a Light Novel (Highly Recommended) in 2011 and got an Anime in 2012.

Well this need not be explained .... a danger of being stuck in a virtual world is a brand new story. The story is connected throughout and is really fascinating!! The team work ...the bosses ...the players ..the GM all are awesome !!

The Anime looks Fantastic and the Artwork is just Beautiful. The and character are good.

---We have Kirito the Main Character, a Swordsman who tries his Best to beat the game. Sure his Pesonality is well..... it's cool for me, but sometimes he just try to get more and more Waifu on his way XD. But other than that Kirito is a Good Character and really Powerful at the Same time

---Then we have Asuna a Brave girl that doesn't Give up and does everything for Kirito. Sure she was a Tsundere but that was only in like 3 episodes,

---And now here we have Yui. Kirito and Asuna's Child. Yui is very Amazing. In the 2nd Act she's a Fairy

---And this is Liz one of Kirito Friends. she makes swords and also Fights on the 2nd Season. She's a very great and Unique Character.

---Silica another Kirito's friend. She's Cute and the only Loli Girl (besides Yui) and she's very strong as well.

---Klein, Kirito's Best Friend since the 1st Episode (well actually since Episode 8) and he's very Funny and a Cool character as well.

---Leafa, Kirito's cousin and a Girl Gamer.

---And finally we have Sinon,she's a Badass with a Amazing Sniper.

The Romance is very well made and cool in my opinion. Sure the romance only Focus on either Kirito and Asuna or Kirito and Leafa.

This act is very amazing. Kirito is a badass, Sinon is amazing, DeathGun is one of my favorite Enemies on Anime. This Act was Amazing. As for the 2nd Act it was good too. l

Sword Art Online - Crossing Field OP Lyrics
Oh god. I love this opening and the soundtrack in general. This Anime had a lot of great Songs.

The Fights Are just Epic and hype at the same time, that's how awesome the Fights really are.
If you don't watch this Anime yet and you love Epic Anime Sword Fights then watch this Anime right now.

So IF you haven't watched SAO yet !! watch it right now !! and if you have seen it !! comment your review regarding it ?
by the way has anyone seen ordinal scale ? i have things to discuss !!
but for now bye !!

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