Best Friendship ?

By SriyaScarlet2017-03-24 09:42

I Know that there are solo players in life but friends are important too
FOR ME they (i mean friends) are waay more important !!
And when your friend turns out to be an anime fan ...Life becomes waay more fun !!
isn't it true?

Well to everyone who is reading the blog ... Be my friends !!We can chat and know each others better !! I would love to make new friends !!(i promise a follow back k 😜) Cause more the merrier !!!

Ok to the main reason... for the post !! Which characters have a strong friendship between them ?

1) Ken Kaneki and Hideyoshi Nagachika from Tokyo Ghoul
Kaneki and Hide from Tokyo Ghoul also take a spot on my list. Hide was Kaneki’s only friend, especially after his mom died. However, after Kaneki became a Ghoul, he tried to keep his distance from Hide. In the end, Hide knew that Kaneki was the ghoul known as “Eye Patch”, and he also ended up sacrificing himself so Kaneki could face Kishou Arima.

2) Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from Pokémon
Ash and Pikachu have been friends for too long. It is safe to say that both would go to endless limits to ensure the happiness of the other. They’ve shared some great moments which everyone of us has seen !! like they got along after so much efforts by Ash and now they are unbreakable !!

3) Goku and Vegeta
Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball are both rivals and best friends. Their friendship, however, works in a different manner. They both try to best and surpass the other. But, in the time of grave danger they step up and go as far as becoming one, as Vegito, even though Vegeta hates that.

4) Suzaku and Lelouch from code geases
Suzaku didn’t like lelouch when they first met. But, they soon became best friends. However, Suzaku later joined the Britannian forces, while Lelouch took the identity of Zero. This put them on opposite sides, but it didn’t stop Suzaku from being the only person Lelouch could really trust.

5)Naruto and Sasuke
Naruto and Sasuke are kind of like Goku and Vegeta, but their bond has a lot more meaning to it. Naruto and Sasuke understand each other from the pain the know the other has suffered. Naruto obviously doesn’t give up on his friends, and he was ready to bear Sasuke’s hatred and die with him. However, in the end he managed to convince him, and saved his friend from the grasp of hatred.

6) Natsu and Gray
Natsu and Gray are best buddies of fairy tail !! They often fight but that's how their friendship is !! They always protect each other (like Natsu when gray uses iced shell !!) etc. They are soo good as a team !! I really cant deny !! and then there is friendship in the whole guild !! making me wanna go there !!

7)Luffy and Nakama
Luffy and his Nakama are the best friends that I’ve come across in anime. He can go to any lengths to protect those he loves, and of course, his Nakama are the most precious thing to him now. Luffy has fought the impossible to save his friends, like Arlong at Arlong Park, the CP9 at Enies Lobby, and is now ready to even fight a Yonko to save Sanji. Luffy holds all his friends very dear to him, and without them he cannot become the Pirate King.

8) Mio and Ritsu from K-on or maybe all the buddy gang in SAO?or others?
Comment down !!
I think Ash & Pikachu 💚💙💜

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