Top 5 cute couples!

By PorigonN2017-03-19 16:09

Yesterday i was watching some anime, then i started thinking about some anime couples, and how cute they are. Then i started to make a top 5 in my mind, and then i started thinking "Hey, why not post that?". So, that's how i got here, posting to you :p

Here we go!!

1 - Shizuku and Haru

Just explain to me how they can be so cute. Really, i love this combination of a delinquent and a smart girl, and how they change because of each other. Haru is a delinquent that doesn't go to school and don't have much friends. Shizuku is a girl, a very smart girl, that doesn't demonstrate any emotion. When Shizuku visit Haru house, Haru start thinking that they're friends, and after this, he starts following Shizuku, and after some time, confess to her. All of this in the first episode. Yeah, in the first episode.
(Anime : Tonari no Kaibutsukun)

2 - Kirito and Asuna

I think everyone know who is Kirito and who is Asuna. The episode in Asuna house... that got me off-guard. I would scream like a crazy girl (thanks god) If i was alone, and If i was a girl (a crazy one). When Kirito proposed Asuna, i was like "Finally *-*" and at this point of the anime they started to be more on each other side. That's where the cuteness overload started. (Anime : Sword Art Online)

3 - Ryuuji and Taiga

Now, we will talk about the tiger and the dragon. In the first episodes, you can't say they will be a couple, but trust me, in the end of the anime, you will think "How i didn't see this before??". Really, after you end the anime, you will se Ryuuji and Taiga like a couple, even in the first episode. in the christmas episode, Taiga just look so cute with Ryuuji... These two are just soo cute (the Kiss scene -insert crazy fangirl scream here-).
(Anime : Toradora)

4 - Yuuta and Rikka

Forget everything i said about the couples above being cute, this couple right here its the definition of cute. Rikka, the problematic girl that have superpowers (only in her mind) and Yuuta, the boy that Rikka like (Must... spoiler...someone...). I don't think it's a huuuuge spoiler, só i will say : Yuuta, before meeting Rikka, thought he was a boy with superpowers, and Rikka (even If he doesn't know) was watching he, and started doing the same. Then Yuuta stoped with all of this, but Rikka doesn't. And that's how Rikka become like now. In the anime, you will see the story of these two (and learn what is cuteness overload). I think that's the only anime that a almost-kiss was better than a Kiss...
(Anime : Chuunibyou demo Koi ga shitai)

And the last one is a couple that, If we are speaking of cute couples, these two can't be out

5 - Yui and Hinata

These two lost to Rikka and Yuuta in being cute, but win If compared to the others (my opinion). It's Just beautiful watching these two flerting, and i wish i had someone when watching this (hello darkness my old friend...). Yui are a little crazy and wild, but a good person to stay with. Hinata is friendly and cheerful, a good person too, and this makes this couple even better, in my opinion.
(Anime : Angel Beats)

That's It guys, which one you prefer?

Hope you enjoyed reading the post😉

Btw, this is my first post so, what you say? good or no? :p

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