What 'dere' type are you?

By SriyaScarlet2017-02-11 10:17

So here is another post for upcoming valentine!! So tell me what dere type are you ? and also what dere type you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to be?

1) Yandere
Acts sweet and cute outside ..but he/she loves someone...they are willing to kill anyone just to stay with them !!
#I don't really want this type *no main reasons just don't want

2) Tsundere
Acts mean and sometimes violent on the outside but is sweet on the inside!!
#well i think its kinda cute when you show your actual personality only to the ones you love

3) Kuudere
Acts cool and unemotional at first but they show their sweet side over time !!
#i am the emotional type....So i am not really interested in unemotional types

4) Dandere
Acts quiet and silent even unemotional at times... eventually they reveal that they were shy !!
#isn't this type way too similar to the above one ? $o i have same answer for it too

5) Deredere
Acts entirely sweet and energetic towards every person that they meet !!
#well this is my type but i don't really want my boyfriend to be like this i would be jealous then

6) Kamidere
Acts very similar to tsundere but with a god complex ..may or may not have godly powers though!!
#i don't really wanna be treated like god nor wanna treat someone like god.

7) Himedere
Acts very similar to kamidere but is treated like a princess..
May not be a real princess.
#princess 😍😍 i would love to be pampered like a princess and in turn i would treat him like my prince.

8) Coodere
Acts very indifferent ...Some times she will be nice other times she will act cold towards you
#Wont that make people confused...But seriously if i were to think deeply maybe i would really behave like that cause of shy or embarrasment.

9) Undere
Act very nice and very agreeable. Usually likes the character from the beginning . Always gives answers as yes ,yea ,yup, yeah etc.
#no problems with this type

Acts like a Tsundere but only at initial stages she tries to kill the character but later switches sides after falling in love with them.
#donno much about this type so i say no

SO Here were my thoughts regarding each type :- I guess i am an Himedere but i want my boyfriend to be Undere or Tsundere!!

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