My 11 Anime Confessions !! Agree or Disagree ?

By SriyaScarlet2017-02-09 10:17

Valentine is almost here!!!
Time to confess your feelings about different anime and your other feels related to anime!! i confessed some of mine here so have fun reading them !!

1) I feel like I prefer anime characters over real people. i feel quite lonely sometimes but when i watch anime or think about anime characters.. I FEEL LESS LONELY !!

2) I learn more from anime than school !!

3) i love romance anime/manga ! its just the best !! and sometimes i regret watching/reading it because your
relationship will never be like that !!

4) I actually hate how lucky the main character of a harem anime gets !! (like raku from nisekoi)

5)Every time i find someone who likes anime as much as i do... i get a little too excited

6) I don't know why but for some reason in Blue Exorcist ... i can't ship Rin and Shiemi together . I know a lot of people ship it but i think they would suit more like friends

7) I don't hate Lisanna. People hate her for no reason !! she doesn't even interfere between natsu and lucy so why hate her i don't understand. She is a nice person !!

8) I have obsessions with guys with white hair in anime ..just take zen from Snow white with red hair !! He is so hot and cute!!

9)Fairy tail always gets hate on its fan service to the point where people forget the story which isn't good cause its story is soo good and the characters too can see their development through episodes !!!

10)When orange came out.. i started watching its first ep and it really made me cry ! I like its story !!

11)I think YOI has one of the most positive points !!Like you can see how a lot of people have known each other through YOI .

So these were some of my confessions ..... do you have some ? If so comment them down !! i would love to read them !!

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