Common And Miserable Misunderstandings Of "Otakus" These Days...

By PhantomZero_02017-01-23 09:53

These Misunderstandings Are Like You... Common And Miserable, Plus A Mistake.

I Could Only Face Palm And Smash My Head To The Keyboard Every Time I See These Things!! It's So Annoying!!!!!!

Hey Peeps! It's bothersome to say it again, so I'll cut some slack for myself. Aren't you annoyed that some people proclaim themselves as otakus, but still don't know the basics? I'm triggered more than annoyed. It's like saying you're gay, despite being a girl... It doesn't make sense!

So today, I'm going to state and clear out these misunderstandings, because it makes me want to kill those who do. Some of you who are reading this, yes you!, are one of those self-proclaimed otakus who mistaken such simple, yet exquisite information. So please do continue reading this and give it a thumbs up!

1. Anime & Manga
Anyone? I mean like, this is too simple. Even a newborn infant would easily know this shiz. Common knowledge bitch, unless you're from another planet like mars or jupiter.

Basically. Yes, BASICALLY, anime is the video shiz and manga is the black and white comic bs. It's just that simple. One does not simple read anime or watch manga, unless you're inhumane.

2. Ecchi & Hentai
Okay, things got from 0 to 100 real quick. Anyways, translate these two into japanese and you'll get the word "pervert" (I think). Whether or not that's the case, these two things aren't the same no matter how many times you look at it (which you shouldn't)

Ecchi, as we know, is defined as "heavy fan services", while Hentai is just pure +18, which is ironic since I just said the word "pure" in the definition of hentai. If you still don't get it, here's the summary:
Ecchi: Close the door, can still watch with someone
Hentai: Lock the doors and close the windows, watch it alone

3. Yaoi & Yaoi
If this doesn't make sense, don't worry, because I don't get it either. So what does this suppose to mean then? I don't know. So why is it here? I don't know also. Then why put it here? Because it's a mistake like you.

What I mean here is yaoi(first) is the normal love between two males or BL, which is still acceptable (by yaoi fans). The other yaoi(second) is the explicit hotdawg to ass etc. If this questions applies only to me, then ignore everything I just said.

4. Otakus & Weeaboos
So are you the left or the right? Do you know what otaku means? or the weeaboo? If you don't, then good luck going to otaku hell, where otakus are thrown to the lake of fire for the rest of their lives, watching the most horrible shiz while getting eaten by worms.

That's the table for the definitions, even anime fans is there. Good luck!

5. Anime & Cartoons
I have nothing to say here... just figure this out on your own.

6. Manga & Comics
Seriously?! Are these two really that comparative? It's like riding an elevator and saying that it's a stairway. The difference is too obvious.

7. Loli & Flat-Chested
So here's a mistake I could accept, although it's still basic. We all know that these two things have something common... Underdeveloped breasts. Yes, I'm not afraid to say it or even shout it. UNDERDEVELOPED BREASTS!!!! Anyways.. Flat is justice!

Lolis are underdeveloped in a way that they're underage. Flat-chested girls are those that are underdeveloped, despite hitting puberty. Anyways, they're my cup of tea, or rather... "A". Get the joke?... Kill meh.

8. Kawaii & Moe
Do you see that kawaii anime girl? I mean, moe girl? Or is it the other way around? If I remember correctly... Who cares at this point. I'll just switch to Justin Bieber, because he's cute.

Anyways, in a nutshell, kawaii is japanese for "cute", which speaks for itself, while moe is something that attaract us, otakus, because it's cute or something like that. Just don't use the word moe if the girl doesn't have the attracting factor.

9. Seasons & Cour
Just search it up at for the explanation. But if you're lazy to do it, then I'll be glad to explain a vague detail of the two things.

Seasons are the 4 seasons... no hidden meaning or bs, just the 4 seasons, summer, fall, winter, and spring. Cour is the 12-13 episode bs of an anime. This is sometimes mixed up with season, because of how a single cour ends in one season. Remember, search it up on the internet.

10. Yuri & Yuri... On Ice
This is pure common sense. If you think these two are the same, then you should just die. I mean like... Yuri On Ice is a freakin' Shounen Ai! Yuri is the genre of two girls doing some love scenes.eriously though... is this really yuri?!

Is this seriously yuri?!!

Anyways, that's all for.. I don't know. This week maybe? If you want more, just pm me, or else I won't get motivated doing shiz. And also, I don't mean to offend u in any manner in this post. I'm just triggered and shiz.

If you think there are more, please fee free to say so.

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