Top 10 Badass Anime Characters That Give Us Chills In Our Spine!!

By PhantomZero_02017-01-18 07:18

Part 1: Male Edition!

Hi peeps! So today, I'm going to talk about Badass Characters, but not just any badass characters, but male badass characters that gives chills in our spine, which doesn't result in death. You know, you see them and you're like: "WTF? H-He's So Cool!!"

So what do I mean by badass? A badass character is someone who can be freakin' OP, has a special and unique talent, or he has more IQ than an average person. Anything cool and awesome and you respect (probably). So let's get down to the countdown!!

"Is It Just Me Who Gets Chills, Whenever I watch Them In Action?" ~ PhantomZero_0


10. Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kiru)

Of course, why wouldn't he be on this list? Tatsumi is one the assassins of Night Raid with the objective of killing the prime minister who is basically manipulating the young king, thus, a rotting and an injust kingdom. When I was watching Akame Ga Kiru and watched Tatsumi do his thing, I was really excited because he already shows the badass potential in the beginning of the anime. Later on, when gets his Imperial Tool, he becomes more of a badass.

Despite his friends getting tortured to death, he still chose to live on even if they promised to each other to die together. It's sad, but instead of sulking about it, he joined Night Raid to avenge his friends. The scene that made my spine get chills was the part where gets another evolution from his Imperial tool and grows wings, then he stops the King's imperial tool to save others' lives. In return, he lost his life.

9. Izuru Kamukura (Danganronpa)

So in a nutshell, he's like a ghoul that is human (red eyes), and later on, he becomes a half-ghoul who is still human. You could say that he's somewhat like Kaneki, but I think this guy is more overpowered. Although acquiring and being the guy who has all the Super High-School Level powers, he lacks screen time and background check.

Despite what I just said, Izuru Kamakura was a normal talentless student called Hajime Hinata, until he became the Ultimate Hope, resulting in his current form. He's badass, because he is! It's hard to explain, but you'll understand it, if you watch the anime.

8. Lelouch Vi Britania (Code Geass)

Aw Yeah! This list wouldn't be complete without Lelouch. With code geass by his side or eye, he could already take over the whole world. Matching up with his power, he even has the brains to use it properly and flawlessly. Another half-ghoul like Kaneki, but with a bird in it.

Lelouch got his abiltity when he was in a pinch, when a green haired girl gave it to her. He uses the ability to help the Japan to regain its former glory from Great Britain's cruel hands. By becoming Zero, the man behind the killings of officials of G.B., he successfully hid his identity, until the later episodes. Just make sure not to look at his eyes, or else you'll get hypnotized. And by the way, I think his legs are longer than his body.

Special Mention #1: Hachiman Hikigaya (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)
Being a loner doesn't always mean that you're alone. Like this dude right here.

7. Eren Jaegar (Attack On Titan)

Killing every freakin' titans in the face of the earth, that
is Eren's dream. With his determination, even though it's physically impossible, he can make it possible. Until the time he died and got his arm cut off. I was like, "Shit's cancelled." But then, he became a titan-transforming human among other humans too.

Although he is naive and cocky, he's still determined killing the titans. I remember the time where he faced the Colossal Titan and failed to kill it. After that, he battled against more titans, which is his first battle, but getting most of his team killed one by one, including himself. The time that I felt a chill down my spine wasn't during the time he became a titan, but rather, when he declared that he'll alk the titans with his hands.

6. Light Yagami (Death Note)

His most famous words, "Just as planned." Earned the spot to be number six. Using the fallen notebook, death note, he plans to kill every criminal in the world for world peace. Until "L", declares war against him, both of them being unknown. Whoever gets to know each other's identity wins. And whoever the loser is, dies.

Light Yagami got the Death Note when a god of death accidentally fell it to the human realm. Light saw it and tried using it, because he doubted its powers. When it was proven that it works, he started his World Peace project and slowly killed every criminal. Well, yeah, blah, blii, bloop. He's basiclly a badass along with "L". Imagine committing a crime in Japan and got reported in the news. A few minutes later, you die.

5. Goku Kakarot (Dragon Ball)

A monkey? A scientist? A carrot? Well, he's obviously not of those, but he's just a normal person who dies to train and revives to kill the villain who killed him before the whole earth gets destroyed. Repeat that for a few times, and you'll get the long-run anime, Dragon Ball.

Everytime he goes into saiyan mode, the longer his blonde hair gets, the more powerful he becomes. Unlike those monkeys out there, he gets freakin' gold hair to destroy and overwhelm his enemies! He just says "Ka-Me-Ha-Me:-Haaaaaaaa!" and they all die. Gathering up the energy of a planet to destroy it anyway, he's too overpowered!

Special Mention #2: Saitama (One Punch Man)
Bald doesn't mean you're cool, unless you're Saitama

4. Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Don't make this clown serious, or else you'll end into crisp. But especially don't harm Lucy, or else he'll definitely do harsher things rather than burning you to death. The son of a Fire Dragon King that can breathe out fire and get hard scale just like a dragon. He'll do anything to protect his friends and guild even if it costs him his life.

Eating random junk at the most critical situation, and then becoming mega-OP... Is he still human or a monster already? Although Zeref is a whole different level, Natsu gives me more chills, because of how he loves his friends. His only weakness are moving vehicles.

3. Kazuto Kirigaya//Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Kazuto a.k.a Kirito is very badass because of his cool expressions and fighting skills. Everytime he gets serious, his cute girl-like face suddenly turns to serious one from zero to 100 in an instant. Mess up his harem, and you'll get the sword in your mouth.

There were seriously a lot of times that he gave me chills, especially the part where he runs off to the front to protect Asuna's guild for the incoming boss fight. He's like, "I'm freakin' flash. Gotta blast!" And bringing a sword in a gun fight and winning the tournament against one of the most op players in Gun Gale Online. I mean like seriously?! Swords are the new thing now?

2. Sora (No Game No Life)

Genius strategist, Sora, of course he'll be on the top three. Alongside Shiro, they make up [Blank], the one who will rise to the top. I mean, who hasn't received a chill from this guy? If you haven't, then you have poor taste. This guy right here will beat you up and leave you penniless in Disboard. And besides, he's just an idiot.

Sora's decisive tricks and sweet talks make him a badass character. Watching the anime, there were a lot of scenes where his face became too badass that it keeps sending me chills everywhere, not just the spine, but literally everywhere. The plans he has, the trick that are up his sleeve, and even getting his own harem. Also, his proverbs are true too.

Special Mention #3: Pico (Bocu no Pico)
HE is not badass, but... He gives us chills in a different way.

1. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

The real half-ghoul, Kaneki, will send you chills everytime you remember him. Even if it's just the song, Unravel, you'll receive chills too. When did he become a badass? Since he became a ghoul of course! Misery, Despair, Friendship, Cannibalism, Reality-Check, Tentacles, Happy Thoughts, Owls, Centipedes, Masks, Coffee, Book, Weirdos, Perverts, and so much more!

Kaneki was a normal college student, until he encountered Riza. After escaping death's door, Kaneki slowly realized that he became a ghoul himself and turned to human-eating being. When he finally accepted his fate being a ghoul, his hair turned white and became an OP shit bastard, wrecking-havoc in Tokyo. Then he grew more tentacles and became a centipede. Then Hide died and I didn't mourn about his death. The end. Good life for Kaneki.

There you have it folks! If there are any misinformations here, I'm sorry. So what anime character gave you chills that weren't listed here?

If you're sad that your favorite male character isn't here, don't be. This is just part 1. By the way, I'm talking about those chill-sending badass characters. Anyways, have a good day!! I'm also sorry for #3.

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