What Is Your Chest Preference?

By PhantomZero_02017-01-16 09:10

Not Just Females, But Also Females!

I know that this is a disgusting question, but who cares? Of course I do... JK. We all know that chests are what pirates take.... I mean, what people have in the middle part of their body. To make it more blunt, what's your breAst preferences? Virgin bastards would love to suck those breasts of women. Some men would also love to suck the nipples of other men too. I'm not making any sense anymore, but you do get my point right? Right? RIGHT?

Anyways, just a quick note here: Everyone Can Participate. If you're gay, lesbian, straight, pervert, vanilla, a chicken, a dog, an elephant, or even a marshmallow. I'm not doing this for you, myself, other people, charity. In fact I'm not doing this for anyone.

1. Lolis (Women)
Don't. Don't. Don't. Or else I'll tell the police.

2. Boing~ (Women)
Even if there's a bra or none, it still freakin' bounces!!

3. Perfect (Women)
The perfect bust, for the perfect body. Definitely perfect.

4. Muscles (Women)
If you love to suck them hard, before even sucking it.

5. Muscles (Men)
Licky-Licky~. Bit disturbing though.

6. Flat-Chested (Women)
Flat is justice!!

7. Stick (Men)
Not too stiff or else it'll break. Not to flexible or else it'll be creepy.

8. Girlish (Men)
It's a trap!!!!!!!!

9. With Nipples (Both)
What's hidden underneath can never be revealed FOREVER.

10. Without Nipples (Both)
Must be nice being nippleless. I mean, swimming across the seven seas just to find your two useless nipples that have no use, probably (for men).

There you have it folks, the possible chest you could possibly lick or see or take or suck or whatever you think of. Just a reminder that this isn't that much perverted, just a state of reminder or honesty.

I'm sorry for not posting this year so far, I just got busy all of a sudden. I wouldn't be posting much btw. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me and I'll answer it asap.

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