Solemn but Beautiful Love Stories in Anime

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Love is always beautiful, but the road is rough. People who love each other may not have a happy ending, and sometimes one of them can only miss the other in another world! Today let’s talk about the solemn but beautiful love stories in anime!
Kagura & Sesshoumaru
Kagura was a wind sorceress who was supposed to be free. But Naraku held her heart, so she became a bound wind.
However, only Sesshoumaru was an independent existence, not being controlled by or depended on anyone, in the anime. He was the only one who had no interest in Shikon no Tama and completely relied on himself. In Kagura’s eyes, this life style was freedom. She envied Sesshoumaru and fell in love with him gradually. But Sesshoumaru loved freedom so much that he didn’t mind the sentiment and didn’t give Kagura any response. Not to mention that Sesshoumaru had Rin with him.

In the end, Kagura got the freedom at the cost of her own death. She was happy that she got the chance to see Sesshoumaru one last time before she died. The love was also gone with the wind.

Kikyou & Inuyasha
Fifty years ago, they resented each other for misunderstanding and Kikyou even died for this. Thus, their relationship got to the end with hatred.

Fifty years later, the misunderstanding was finally resolved. But Kikyou became a walking dead and had to live on the souls of the dead. And Inuyasha had Kagome by his side. Their love didn’t have the ending at last.
Inuyasha always wavered between Kagome and Kikyou. One needed to sacrifice in this relationship. Finally, Kikyou used her own death to end this love triangle.

Kikyou’s death freed herself and the other two. But we feel so sad for her, why it must be such an ending?

Ai Haibara & Conan
At first, Ai just sympathized Conan for they had the same life experience. While they grew familiar with each other and became close, her feelings to Conan changed. Ai was lonely and always felt insecure. Because her elder sister died for her and her parents were not being with her. What’s more, she was forced to work for “The Black Organization”. After running away from them, she had to live secretly.

Though Ai looked very sang-froid and mature, she was actually vulnerable and feared of life. After meeting Hiroshi Agasa and other people in Shounen Tanteidan, especially Conan, she gradually felt warm and trusted. As time passed, she relied on and felt in love with Conan. But she was rational and never expressed her feelings to Conan. There are three reasons that she didn’t confess to him. First, she was self-abased for her dark past, while Conan was like a god who always guarded the justice. Second, “The Black Organization” attempted to capture her and she didn’t want Conan to be involved in that thing. Third, the most important reason is that she knew Shinichi and Ran had mutual feelings for each other. So she chose to be a best friend of him.

I’m not the fan of supporting Ai & Conan or Shinichi & Ran. I’m just tracking this anime for many years. We don’t know what will happen and what’s the end. But Conan only loves Ran, so for Conan, Ai is just more than friend, less than lover.

Ran & Shinichi
They are so close yet so far away. They have to wait for each other hopelessly.

Ran and Shinichi are childhood friends and they love each other. However, Shinichi was fed a poison by the black men which shrinked his body and let him become a kid. In order not to bring troubles to Ran, he used a fake name Conan instead of telling her the truth. Though Ran doubted Conan’s identity, Conan concealed it. Ran had to continue to wait for Shinichi.

It’s so sad when Ran told Conan that she missed Shinichi so much. And it’s so bitter when Conan used his bow tie to mimic his real voice to call Ran. They love each other so much, but they can not live together and have to wait hopelessly.

Elizabeth & Ciel  
Elizabeth is not my favorite because of her noisy behavior. But her life suits this theme.

Though we don’t know whether Ciel and Sebastian love each other, Ciel can not fall in love with someone easily after the disaster. He indulged Elizabeth and saved her when she had troubles. But it’s because of his kind-hearted nature and their childhood friendship. It’s not because he loves her.

No matter how much Elizabeth love Ciel, there is no happy ending between them.

Rock Lee & Sakura
Lee always keeps his promise to Sakura - I’ll protect you with my life! In order to save Sakura, he almost died for fighting with the Otogakure during the Chunin Exams. When Sasuke defected from Konoha to find Orochimaru, Lee rushed forward to help Naruto even he didn’t recover from serious injuries. Because he knew Sasuke was important to Sakura. Lee’s love is direct and deep, just like his personality.

However, it’s a pity that Sakura only loves Sasuke and Naruto always stays beside her. His love has no hope.

Jiraiya & Tsunade
Jiraiya liked Tsunade all the time, but his love is not accepted by Tsunade. He chose to use jokes and laughs to hide his true feelings. When Jiraya left the village to the Village hidden by Rain, Tsunade said “Make sure you come back alive... If I lose you on top of everything... I...” to him. So could I say that she had fell in love with him?

Jiraya left the village with smile. He died when he fight with Pain. Tsunade was very sad when she heard this news. She could prevent this tragedy, but it had happened.

If we don’t be so stubborn, there is no regret now. But it’s a pity that people always find out their true feelings when there is no chance to say “I love you” to their lovers.

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