How Does Your Weekday Life Work?

By PhantomZero_02016-12-21 11:37

The Worst Day For Everyone, Not Just Otakus, But Generally, Is Monday... Man's Worst Enemy.

Hi peeps! Today we're going to be personal here. What's your fetish--------- JK, lmao. But that will be a good post, dibs on that one, none must take that idea from me.

Anyways, how's life? I heard that you've been doing great, since christmas break started... Hahahah, sorry for those who have no christmas break, you have my condolence. Me? I've been doing fine. I'm watching a lot of anime, reading a lot of manga, and I've ne......arly finis................hed my ligh............................ t novel----------------------- Crap!! I forgot that I have to write a light novel for you guys!! I'll do that after this post.

So I'll make this short: "Your Weekday Life With When They Are Working Days, NOT The Christmas Break Life." Ohh, and don't forget to title it.

My Weekday Life That I Regret:
1. Wake Up At 4 a.m.

> You'll get this later in the post, so just scroll down and read.

2. Realize That I'm Human And I Have To Do Human Things

> Pretty much applies to everyone here, right?

3. Say Good Morning To My Parents

> If I don't do this, my parents would kill me later... Either way, they'll kill me later.

4. Eat Breakfast In The Middle Of Darkness

> I'll try my best to fulfill my human desires, food.

5. Take A Bath

> Even if it's in the middle of cold darkness

6. Rush To School

> For some reason this happens most of the time, without me realizing

7. Be Late For Class And See Your Classmates' Faces

> I'm tired, what am I supposed to do? Look at my classmates' disgusting faces?

8. Attend Unnecessary Classes

> The teachers are annoying af, very annoying.

9. "Let's Go Home..."

> Kaneki = Me; Hide = Anime. If ypu've watched Tokyo Ghoul, you should know why.

10. Get Scolded By My Parents, Because I Cam Home Late, Even Though I Tried To Be There ASAP

> I told you, they'll kill me either way.

11. Change Clothes

> I'm not that type to not change clothes, then do stuff.

12. Do Homework Then Procrastinate

> "Homeworks are another term for wasting PRECIOUS time." ~ PhantomZero_0

13. Watch Anime

> I make sure that my parents won't find it out.
14. Eat Dinner

> Most awkward situation of my day.

15. Read Manga Or Continue Watching Anime

> I use my phone, so that they won't notice that I'm reading manga.

16. Sleep

> This always happens to me. ಠ_ಠ

17. Look At My Dark Surrounding

> I charge my phone below my foot, which is next to an extension chord that is connected to the electrical socket.

18. Watch Anime

> Danger Meter: 999/1000.

19. Realize That It's The Next Day And There's Only A Few Minutes Left Before The Alarm Wakes Up My Household, Including Me

> I survived the night... Is it the next day already?!

20. Go To Sleep

> Let's say that I sleep at 3:30 a.m., the only remaining time left for me is... 30 minutes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That's my unfortunate weekday routine? I'm curious, so please tell me, Oreki-sa--------- I mean, fellow AnimeSama user. Have a nice day and let's enjoy this blessed christmas break, before it withers away like a bubble in a magma chamber under the sky where fishes walk and dinosaurs play basketball... I give up on life.

Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine, Internet owns them. If there are any wrong grammars and/or broken images, I am truly sorry.

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