[Our First...] Otaku Merchandise!!

By PhantomZero_02016-12-15 08:17

If You Don't Remember, Then That's Sad... If You Haven't, That's Pathetic...

Hi peeps! Did you know that christmas is just around the corner? Yes, the time of giving and... you guessed it right, the time we, otakus, can do what we always do, becoming unproductive and support our hobby.

I'm so happy today, because this day is our last school day this year. No More Classes, for 3 WEEKS. And before we parted ways, what's a christmas break without a christmas party? Our class basically held a christmas party, without me wasting a single bit of money.

So why's that related to the topic you ask? Because today, I just made history (for myself only). I finally bought anime merchandise... and it's not only one, but three!! No, I'm not bragging, but instead, I'm fan girling. Kyahh! Before I end this, could you tell your opinions about the stuff I bought?


First thing I bought was... My favorite, your favoeite, everyobe's favorite vocaloid, Mr. Bean------------ Miku Hatsune! It's a rubber key chain that is pretty cute, if you ask me. I don't regret buying it, because I love her and her songs. I'm a Miku fan, so... yeah.

Second thing I bought was.... The badass show, Tokyo Ghoul. It's a small bag with Kaneki's mask on it. I'm going to use it, if there are small events or if I hang out with my friends. I've been a Kaneki and Tokyo Ghoul fan for a while... Sadly, my classmate already bought the last mask of Kaneki, recently. I got jealous because of that. The reason why I bought this, is because my friends have Tokyo Ghoul bags, while I don't.

Last thing I bought... You guessed it right, it's your mom's vagi-------------- it's the Fairy Tail mark/logo. While I was looking around the store, the shininess of the item caught my attention. When I looked at it, it was really good and it was a limited collection... So I bought it. Even if it's not, I still want it, since it looks so cool. The blue things fits with the metal material used. I don't know if you like it, but I do.

The reason why I talked about my experience today, it's because I want to show you that I got headphones in our exchange gift. It's via bluetooth, and can be used wireless or with a cable. I'm not bragging about it, but I'm just saying it. It's my wish list too...

There you have it, peeps. My Very First Otaku MerchandiseS. I really want to know your first merchandise. If it's bought or was gifted to you, I don't care. Merry Christmas everyone, and merry vacation for me!!

Disclaimer: Pictures are mine. If you have any problems, don't complain. If there are any wrong grammars and/or broken images, I am truly sorry. If the picture/pictures are not clear, I am also sorry.

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