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By PhantomZero_02016-12-12 10:34

"Love Thy Neighbors and Thy Anime" ~ PhantomZero

Hi there, peeps. Sorry for not posting for a long time. It's just that... Our test is finally finished!! The only thing left is our STEAM week and our Christmas party. And after that, a christmas break worth nearly a month. So you better prepare your phones, because I'll be posting a lot.

Now that we're finished with that unnecessary announcement, let's talk about your pride of being an otaku. A-re, you're not an otaku? If you viewed this post, then you're an otaku, a tsundere otaku. Nevermind that and let's see what I have in store for you.

People these days are currently despising, us, otakus. From calling us with wierd names to making out some sort if stereotypes.

"Hey look. Isn't that what you call an otaku, those cartoon-watching, japanese weirdos?"

That's not exactly what they say, but you get my point. I mean, why would you consider anime as those cartoons for children? Have you even watched the "cartoons" we're watching? If not, better not judge a book by its cover

These people are even considering us weirdos. That doesn't even make sense! One does not simply say that people are weirdos, unless they are. The only thing we do is support our hobby, is it bad to support and love our hobby? To top it all of, you people are considering yourself "normal". If being a hypocrite is what you consider "normal", then I rather be a self-proclaimed weirdo.

You say that we, otakus, are The Trash of Society, Useless Human Beings, Weird People With Weird Hobbies, Eat Shit And Die Bastards, Hentai Lovers, Child Rape Likers, Disgrace To Their Families, No Life Scroundels and so much more. I won't blame otakus to be thought this way, but, I repeat, try our hobby first, before you judge us. Don't call other people weird, if you don't want other people to call you weird.

Do you know that you already wounded our pride, because of you not knowing anything. This can be considered a serious crime, bullying.

"Hahahah, I can't believe that there are people like you."

The reason why otakus are like this, is because of these "normal" humans. They have driven us to a corner and then say that we are weirdos and No-Life beings. Now that we have found something that helps us emotionally, you're trying to take it away from us, the people who have been abused by other people. I really don't know if that's being stupid or just being retarded af, but it's not funny anymore. Anime was there when we needed a friend, something we could trust. Unlike humans, anime understand better to the human heart. I don't know if it's because of anime we're thinking like this, but you get it right?

We tried changing, but you didn't accept us. We tried living a normal life, but you just ignored us. We tried finding happiness and peace, but you just looked down on us. Excuses anybody? Any violent reactions? Or is this true?

You drove us into a corner, you bullied us, you let us suffer. Do you know how many of us are depressed because of this? Do you know... how many of us are trying their best to fit in society, a society filled with inequality and discrimination. These "normal" people don't just drive people into a corner, but also ruin their lives. Worst case scenario: SUICIDE.

Cheer up, fellow otakus. Because of these ideals of the "normals", we weirdos have been living a better life every single day. We become shut-ins and shut ourselves from the ugly disgusting world. We learned how to hide it and now we could fit normally with the "normals". We realized that we are not the only otakus in this big world and made friends along the way. I won't say thank you to the "normals", because we are weirdos. Yes, we are the weirdos.

We weirdos, or otakus, are weirdos. If you won't admit it, good. If you admit it, better. What's the one thing that makes us otakus proud? Anime? Manga? Cosplay? It's because of being weird, we have become otakus. Still denying that being a weirdo, you tsundere otaku? Then be one with the "normals" and just stay in society. We don't consider ourselves "normals", because we are weirdos. Weirdos are better than being a self-proclaimed "normal"

Stay proud and don't be afraid to share your feelings to others. Make them cringe, triggered, happy, sad, and so much more. That's our role as otakus, to share our feelings. Cosplay in the middle of the streets and then do some weeb shit, I bet people will hate you. At least you tried to show your hobbies to other people. I like these kind of people, people who are honest (in a good way).

Be honest. Get rid of those locked up feelings in your heart and then let it out in one moment. The feeling of... Satisfaction, what does it feel like? If you want watch in public places, do it. If you want to share it to your friends do it. If you want to collect anime figurines, d o it. If you want to have an anime themed room, DO IT!! No one's stopping you, except for yourself.

(not my room)

Final words would be... Enjoy your life as an otaku while you still can. YOLO. Cosplay if you want, why not? Be chuuni, who cares? Proclaim you're an otaku in public, be proud!

To haters, we don't care.
To those who disagree, die.

Disclaimer: The pictures are not mine, internet owns them. If there are any wrong grammars and/or broken imaged, I am truly sorry.

P.S. I'm Lvl 3!!

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