Otaku - In What Level Of Otaku Are You?

By moemoeels392016-12-08 16:22

I'm bored so I decided to make a little game😆
The rules are simple:
1. Answer the questions honestly
2. Tell me what you got in the comments
3. Have fun!
4. Please don't get mad at me if it doesn't fit you😓
How to play:
There'll be a number with a question (all of you must start with the #1 question) answer it and go to the next number the answer tells you to
For example:
#... if someone in your class talked about anime you would..
a. join in (go to #5)
b. quietly eavesdrop (go to #9)
c. pretend not to listen (go to #8)
If you chose "b" you have to go to the #9 question😙
Let's start!
#1 How many mangas/animes do you read/watch every week?
a. As much as I can, if I could watch/read 24/7 I would (go to #2)
b. 1-3 mangas/animes per week (go to #3)
c. I only read/watch when I'm in the mood (go to #4)
#2 Do you rewatch/reread animes/mangas that you've watch/read?
a. Ofc! If I liked it so much I'd rewatch/reread it 50 times or so, and there was this anime where the main chara died and I couldn't stop crying because ... *silently backs away* (go to #5)
b. I rewatch/reread 2-5 times (go to #7)
c. Nope, just once is enough! (go to #6)
#3 There's an anime event next week! *looks at wallet* .. empty..
b. Oh well.. (go to #6)
#4 Do you use Japanese words like "baka", "kawaii", "ganbatte" in your daily life?
a. *smiles* nope *your friend took your lunch* "THE *bleep* ARE YOU DOING BAKA?!!" (go to #6)
b. No.. *opens mouth* "Ba.." *shakes head* nope (go to #8)
#5 A new episode/volume of an anime/manga you like has just been posted/released!
a. MY PRECIOUS! (go to #12 )
b. I'll watch/read it later.. (go to #9)
#6 Friend: "I need a new anime to watch"
a. You should watch Tokyo Ghoul, Shingeki no Kyojin, Free!, Haikyuu!!, Yuri!!! on Ice *every anime title you remembered* (go to #10)
b. Well I think you should check these.. (go to #9)
c. Umm well my other friend told me this one was good.. (go to #11)
#7 It's midnight
a. *continues reading manga until 4AM* (go to #10)
b. I should sleep.. Maybe just a few more chapters.. *snore* (go to #9)
#8 You hear someone talking about anime behind you
a. Shyly joins in (go to #11)
b. Eavesdrop (go to #15)
#9 2D or 3D (girls/boys)?
a. 2D (go to #13)
b. 3D (go to #14)
#10 It's time for your finals!
a. I'll just wing it and watch an anime (go to #12)
b. I have to study! But.. That manga over there is calling for me (go to #13)
#11 Manga/Anime or Social life?
a. Manga/Anime (go to #14)
b. Social life (go to #15)
#12 Your reaction when you see something like this👆🏻
a. Oh, they're just friends nothing weird about that (go to #S)
b. YESS, MOREE I NEED MORE, DO THAT AGAIN!! *replays the scene* (go to #SF)
c. *smiles* hehehehehehehe (go to #AF)
#13 What do you think about this?
a. THEY'RE SO CLOSE (go to #AF)
b. Why are they so close? (go to #A)
c. Ah.. they look like they're going to kiss *looks closer* (go to #BF)
#14 What do you think about the pic
a. They look cute (go to #BF)
b. Seems pretty normal to me (go to #B)
#15 Opinion about this genre
a. I like it (go to #CF)
b. Nope (go to #C)
Check out what you got!
#S - Rank S Otaku
#SF - Rank S Fujoshi/Fudanshi
#A - Rank A Otaku
#AF - Rank A Fujoshi/Fudanshi
#B - Rank B Otaku
#BF - Rank B Fujoshi/Fudanshi
#C - Rank C Otaku
#CF - Rank C Fujoshi/Fudanshi
I hope you guys had fun! :3
Sorry if there are mistakes and other things

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